Air India vs Passengers

“Open the door, loser!” Air India passengers in Delhi vented their frustration on the crew when a technical snag delayed their morning flight to Mumbai. The aircraft eventually took off at 6 in the evening, 8 hours late.

06/01/2020 3:55 PM
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  • Imran N.
    14/07/2020 14:10

    I've had this exact same issue EVERY SINGLE TIME with IndiGo airline. It's terrible how the companies mistreat ppl like as if they were livestock in a Chinese wet market.

  • Anita M.
    12/07/2020 07:28

    So sad to see such heart breaking scene and to hear that the Air India, though charging a lot of money yet have no obligation on their customers.

  • Arijit B.
    28/01/2020 05:59

    Air India must be sold off to Private Players.

  • Jaydeep R.
    27/01/2020 18:24

    mere ko toh aisa dhak dhak horela hai.

  • Rosmak A.
    26/01/2020 16:27

    Because of this sh*t...Air India is for sale...And no one wants to buy it...

  • Adv A.
    26/01/2020 07:40

    ye dekh 😂

  • Shreyas S.
    25/01/2020 17:20

    kya scne hai ye

  • Elijah K.
    25/01/2020 16:20

    They are trying to kill people by making them suffocate. Avoid Air India

  • Singh A.
    25/01/2020 04:43

    Imagine the captain whom these people calling loser takes the words seriously 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Philip F.
    25/01/2020 01:16


  • Chitrasen R.
    24/01/2020 16:53

    Pilot modi ji ka plane udake foreign trip pe gaya hoga.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Senok K.
    23/01/2020 07:48

    8hours late? Thats so fucking crazy

  • Tucky T.
    22/01/2020 01:38

    Air India is a White Elephant! Time to resolve the irresponsible behaviour of its management. Look how private operators are operating with less fares.

  • Shaikh A.
    21/01/2020 11:27

    Yeh sab airlines ko privete karne k liye kiya ja raha hai

  • Karan S.
    21/01/2020 06:07

    Is bevkuf ko lagta y bus driver h . Or us bande ki bat suunne k liye vo bharr ayege .

  • Seethalakshmi S.
    20/01/2020 16:21

    I was traveling from Mumbai to Bangalore last Wednesday morning and had somewhat similar experience... luckily ddnt have to wait this much..Air india sucks

  • Pawan K.
    20/01/2020 15:11

    Ac ke bina insan

  • Don't f.
    19/01/2020 23:01

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  • Janet T.
    19/01/2020 15:37

    As noisy as usual

  • Santosh N.
    18/01/2020 01:11

    Condition and state of National Airline in my opinion signifies the way the Nation is run.... this kind of service is undesirable.. hope AI and India finds a solution.. privatisation, downsizing or worse case closure...

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