• Thila M.
    4 hours

    I can understand u dear.this world is mixed with all types of people. Some will criticize u n some will understand u. B strong n overcome d bad phase.

  • Umer S.
    5 hours

    You are actually unlucky because you are living in India .the people whor are electing illustrates as their leaders do you think they can grow up from their cheap mentality.no never because they are having gober (tatti)and mutre (pee).if tomorrow Modi announce indian corona patients should eat Modi's potty they would be in line like demonetization

  • Thamizharasan G.
    8 hours


  • Boyar D.
    10 hours

    Inlogoon ki bhens ki Preventive measures follow kar rhi hae bechari Fiir bhi inko gaali? Aur bhaisahaab jo raste mae niklkar patake furae Mass gathering karei Unke liye taali?! This is insane Some people are supporting the nonsense activities lead by some religious leaders who claims that they have offered some items to Corona as if Corona is a idol for worshiping People are roaming around outside Even after the govt. Has declared lockdown for our own good But no They ll not listen to the instructions Instead they are interested in disobeying the rules And further interested in Harrasing Discriminating others Who are following the preventive measures Incredible!!!!

  • Hikmat T.
    10 hours

    Don't I l u

  • King A.
    11 hours

    Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hei kehne😄.

  • King A.
    11 hours

    Test and show the medical report to those,who are accusing you.

  • Chaitu K.
    13 hours

    Be a strong girl y r u crying dis is tooo bad. Ur 1of the army person

  • Jubablin P.
    13 hours

    Those who spreading wrong information should be punished.

  • Santanu B.
    17 hours

    This isn't acceptable..

  • Rewat S.
    21 hours

    So sad

  • Shaik G.
    a day

    Shame on her fellow Neighbour's

  • Ankur R.
    a day


  • Arvind P.
    a day

    I feel ashamed to be Indian👿

  • Muskan S.
    a day

    Shame on such people who make these remours and if she had Corona she need positive response not a harrasment bcs that not her fault

  • Alingan K.
    a day

    ....check this out....really people can b so inhumane at times when humanity is such a necessity.....Kemon achis tui??? Bhalo toh???

  • Heudiak R.
    a day

    This is love ❤️ I love my India 😂😂😂 selfish and hypocrites

  • Martìn G.
    a day

    😂😂😂Corona HAHAH,.. I hope you or she realised now How it feel being called CORONA, Whereas We NE people are called by Mainland India Since Corona started as Chinese, Chinky, and now Corona all over India.. Don't cry lady, we even faced Spit and run, due to corona, Chased out of Rented room... Yours is nothing you just get being called.. not actiome

  • Sumesh B.
    a day

    Why are we doing like this? It is shame for all...

  • Zarkaa K.
    a day

    Reality of India where is Godi media Nd bhakts