Akshay Kumar Wants You... To Donate To The Ram Mandir

Months after announcing he will star in a film called Ram Setu, the actor narrated a story from the Ramayana, and made this appeal to his fans...

18/01/2021 5:21 PMupdated: 18/01/2021 5:24 PM
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  • Ashwin M.
    27/06/2021 14:47

    I didn't donate single penny for this..never....but always donate for occasional..langar..

  • Ashwin M.
    27/06/2021 14:45

    Acha lga tera majak

  • Amandeep G.
    11/05/2021 09:24

    Where are you now.if all the people die who will visit the temple.What about hospital and the health facility for public.why not you are urging now for the donation for health system .idiot

  • Muhammad I.
    08/02/2021 18:55

    Weight lifter

  • Nittya S.
    01/02/2021 19:42

    At the end bloody asshole... its MARYADA PURSHOTUM SHRI RAM... NOT RAM BASTARD...FAKE HINDU

  • Ferdinand K.
    30/01/2021 17:06


  • Siddharth F.
    28/01/2021 02:04

    .... poor farmers are out begging in the streets of Mumbai.... doesn't he know?

  • Siddharth F.
    28/01/2021 02:02

    Start building houses for the poverty-stricken...Ramji will appreciate you more...

  • Fazwin A.
    27/01/2021 15:08

    How British fooled us .same Canadian actor thinking to become no1 hero in India by fooling indians

  • Umar K.
    26/01/2021 12:35

    He does anything for money even sale?

  • Mir A.
    25/01/2021 17:20


  • Adnan S.
    25/01/2021 09:53

    Use the money which was given to PM Care, möthërfu©kēr.

  • Souvik S.
    25/01/2021 05:49


  • Nikhil S.
    24/01/2021 15:32

    Sir full support to Shri Raam mandir Nirman and your support too. You are always doing best things. May God bless you and your family. You are always my favorite ❤️

  • Nototious M.
    24/01/2021 08:03

    Ram and sita was from Nepal then Rawoon was from Sri-lank you India are monkey Hanuman bitch black dog 😡😡

  • सुनील क.
    24/01/2021 06:32

    Ok bye

  • Ayush G.
    23/01/2021 14:38

    New Scam 😂😂

  • Nolash M.
    23/01/2021 10:35

    Another modi bhakt

  • Abdul M.
    23/01/2021 05:35

    fuckk Of

  • Tony J.
    22/01/2021 22:15

    This guy is top rate ka challu...

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