All About Harnaaz Sandhu

"I would have been an IAS officer!" Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu shared her personal preferences in this exclusive interview to Brut.

28/12/2021 6:57 AMupdated: 24/01/2022 11:48 PM
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  • Suman K.
    13/01/2022 09:22

    वाह...ऐसा होता है...खुशी में अंiशु आते है.....................,,,.स्कूल में हम भी...राजमा चावल खाते थे...बहुत दिलचस्प...

  • Jisha G.
    02/01/2022 16:12

    Big liar, she was a model and Punjab film actress.. how could she have become an IAS officer? She shouldn’t shy away in accepting and telling people that she would’ve been an actress or model.. hypocrisy

  • Amos M.
    31/12/2021 12:57

    Nothing was worth knowing in this video.Or will it come in IAS then let me jot it down.

  • Annuradha A.
    29/12/2021 12:00

    So nice

  • Nura W.
    29/12/2021 09:05

    She can still be an IAS officer ???

  • Daher M.
    29/12/2021 05:34

    Why is she trying to fake her accent?

  • Butt S.
    29/12/2021 03:39

    Gand hila ka IAS nhi crack karta ha wahi ye keh sakta hai...

  • Ujjwala R.
    28/12/2021 19:37

    Where's your coverage about the atrocities against peacefully protesting doctors by the Delhi police, brut??

  • Seeta R.
    28/12/2021 14:44

    Girl simple words an you are star

  • Neeraj S.
    28/12/2021 13:50

    Wow..!!! Fresh & Juicy oranges. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Udaya B.
    28/12/2021 10:21

    She should Become a IAS officer even now I am sure she like other miss universes will land up in Bollywood and Akki the Punjab Munda will promote her being a Punjabi herself . Look at Manas chiller who was doing medicine just landed in Bollywood instead of continuing in her medical field At the end It is all about big bucks

  • Anik S.
    28/12/2021 10:01

    Beautiful lips

  • Raffat S.
    28/12/2021 09:57

    Yeah right 😂🤣😂

  • Amit K.
    28/12/2021 09:53

    Can't believe she's 21!! Too old man! 16-17 would've been better. How's she gonna play Akshay's wife with two kids?😟

  • Krishna S.
    28/12/2021 09:00

    Already her video is circling in social media,

  • Anupam G.
    28/12/2021 08:56

    Now PREPARE urself for ur UPCOMING movie - Remake of KHILADI Starring Fatherly figure AKHSHAY KUMAR as ur HERO🤐☺

  • Rajratna G.
    28/12/2021 08:30

    Most of the Miss World and Miss Universe from India want to serve humanity and nation but end up dancing in Karan Johar’s movies.

  • Kasturi S.
    28/12/2021 08:16

    Which dumb gives haha react here??

  • Prem
    28/12/2021 08:01

    Inspiring Interview by Ms.Universe 2021 of India ..Good luck for her career 👏💞💐

  • Prem K.
    28/12/2021 07:53

    You were destined to dance in

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