All Is Not Well At These Coronavirus Isolation Wards

These isolation wards for people arriving in New Delhi did not make for reassuring visuals. 😓😓

19/03/2020 10:49 AMupdated: 19/03/2020 1:40 PM
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  • Kishan M.
    15/04/2020 02:58

    This page is just anti modi.

  • Prateek M.
    31/03/2020 06:24

    I'm more scared of being isolated in such poor state hospitals than suffering from the virus! The thought of these hospitals ridicule me!

  • Bishan K.
    22/03/2020 02:57

    Do you expect the government to give you a 3 star hotel facility? You are earning a fortune in foreign country paying taxes there and want Indian hospital to provide with everything.

  • Bvs R.
    21/03/2020 07:53

    Hi guys none of want to be a victim of such virus, why should we fight each of us, bild the barriers to fight against this virus. we all know know we all fight for caste/creed/religion and now becoming bakhts but right time to for humanity

  • Mohit D.
    21/03/2020 05:52

    Brut and BBC will never appreciate india and indian.

  • विभोर ज.
    20/03/2020 16:22

    Some people expect isolation ward to b as supremely suite class rooms.whatever is available in short span of time and to serve people in masses is enough we should appreciate for small little things we have.

  • Sayli P.
    20/03/2020 13:21

    wtf u morons expect five star hotels facilities? ... government should hv leave u der for die rather dan taking u ungrateful ppl back in india ... act lyk a responsibile citizen 😒understand the situation and try to adjust...

  • Manmit K.
    20/03/2020 11:46

    Very sad

  • Rohit K.
    20/03/2020 09:30

    If they did not provide adequate facility why they don't let them in their home,. These filthy condition also responsible Of spreading Covid-19

  • Brut India
    20/03/2020 06:36

    No person missing from coronavirus isolation, Punjab clarifies:

  • Komal M.
    20/03/2020 05:22

    Here is the problem,we expect way too much, can we not be considerate and maintain our own hygiene,are you doing your 100/,if yes, start doing it for others as well , spread positivity not threats

  • Punam B.
    20/03/2020 05:04

    Brut India finds all negative news out of the positive steps taken by government. I find this news channel anti national.

  • Abdul R.
    20/03/2020 01:44

    Still better than wards compared to UP & bihar.

  • Raja V.
    20/03/2020 01:30

    Chup sab changa si. Just come to balcony and shout “ Go corona go “ !

  • Chandru I.
    19/03/2020 20:44

    Be glad you are getting a place for quarantine! You get to live and let others live due to this. Next time self quarantine yourself in your home in whichever country you go to.

  • Pushpinder B.
    19/03/2020 20:19 Plz do share the condition of Pakistan camps too, I challenge you brut ( biased media)

  • Pushpinder B.
    19/03/2020 20:17

    Plz ask the people who are complaining, how much tax they are paying annually ???

  • Apurva B.
    19/03/2020 19:03

    Brut India admin aap positive videos nahi bana sakte to kum se kum negativity to mut failao

  • CA G.
    19/03/2020 18:34

    So Now you are opposing Kejriwal You have lost it

  • Padma K.
    19/03/2020 18:25

    Spending lakhs to enjoy foreign vacation but bringing disease free of cost n expecting 5star facilities d moment d they land in India....WOW they certainly deserve jail term not just detention 😡 Brut India why don't you take care of them at ur expense 😏

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