Armed Guards Protect This Doc In Bihar Hospital

This junior doctor, who is one of the only few remaining at a Covid-19 hospital in Bihar, has armed guards to protect him from patients' relatives.

18/08/2020 1:27 PM
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  • Yugansh M.
    17/11/2020 10:56

    Our honorable highest courts should immediately step in to take cognizance of current situation and direct Central Government and state government to take immediate action and corrective measures to ensure doctor must be able to work in the hospital. basic infrastructure should be immediately looked into and improved.

  • Yugansh M.
    17/11/2020 10:52

    He deserves a honour from government of India from his extraordinary service towards patients and hospital also for our nation. Great respect for him!

  • Zankhana B.
    15/11/2020 18:36

    And still they manage to do political rallies and win the election

  • Arundhati B.
    12/11/2020 18:53

    BJP has been winning in Bihar for quite sometime now.Then why is it in such a poor state till today?

  • दिप्ती न.
    11/11/2020 20:01


  • Arun P.
    11/11/2020 08:02

    Gift for choosing best party and politicians!

  • Venkataraman S.
    11/11/2020 07:42

    Wow great good work yeah people resort to violence when relatives lost

  • Ranjith S.
    11/11/2020 04:00

    Ram temple is the first priority. Later comes the hospital

  • Agnes G.
    11/11/2020 02:52


  • Navya A.
    10/11/2020 17:21

    Aur karo vote... BJP ko..

  • Ramya K.
    10/11/2020 17:07

    Ridiculous & disgusting...

  • Parveen J.
    10/11/2020 15:42

  • Ashok K.
    10/11/2020 15:37

    How many patients in Bihar? Why hiping when covid cases are lowest in the world in Bihar

  • Jayati P.
    10/11/2020 13:30

    I can't understand with so much revenue the health system cannot be boosted.. the politicians continue to fatten on our taxes

  • Devashish S.
    10/11/2020 10:48

    kya bawaseer dikhaate ho be

  • Gangadhar S.
    10/11/2020 09:04

    Your sevice to covid patient is remarkable, despite of all ill happening, worst condition, you are giving great hope to sufferers, hats off to you.

  • Yash S.
    10/11/2020 08:31

    Hahahaha brut this is 2nd time you posted the video ,but now just with a propoganda cause of Bihar election

  • Tjohi B.
    10/11/2020 08:21

    He kuch bhi bol le. 80% case me ye log useless and guilty hote hain.

  • Brut India
    10/11/2020 08:12

    Counting will continue in Bihar till evening for the state's election:

  • Namrata G.
    10/11/2020 07:38


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