Asma Jahangir Pakistan's Top Human Rights Lawyer

This woman never stopped defending the rights of Pakistan's most vulnerable despite death threats, jail time and harassment.

16/02/2018 12:00 AMupdated: 18/02/2019 4:15 PM
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  • Haroon R.
    23/06/2021 12:44

    aik intiha Darjy ki ghaleez aurat

  • Ephraim M.
    27/05/2020 05:08

    Asma Jahangir ,she was the onily man in Pakistan

  • Hasnain A.
    19/07/2019 04:39

    my idol

  • Numaya S.
    02/11/2018 00:59


  • Hassan H.
    19/06/2018 09:17


  • Safa Q.
    12/04/2018 03:13

    this motivates me so much

  • Zaigham P.
    20/03/2018 15:38

    Great .....I like her ....wonderful

  • Habiba K.
    16/03/2018 11:28

    Hey admin! Just to remind you that India itself is violating human rights in Kashmir and with in India as well and secondly thr are many other legendary personalities like Abdul sattar edhi to pay tribute to, why are you only concerned about sacrifices of ASMA JAHANGEER SPECIFICALLY?

  • WR R.
    15/03/2018 15:50

    Yes very right, She was always defending hardcore jet black TTP terrorists, Even challenged military court decisions in favour of terrorists who very loudly acknowledged killing hundreds of innocent people and young children of our poor nation...

  • Salman A.
    14/03/2018 16:49

    Sultan Khwaja what have you done lately

  • Sidra S.
    02/03/2018 16:34

    Educate yourself

  • Adeel C.
    24/02/2018 17:25

    someone like her is so sorely needed for the very downtrodden and abused minorities in hindustan !!!!!

  • Hagee H.
    24/02/2018 15:47

    She was an Indian agent

  • Zahid S.
    24/02/2018 11:20


  • Sona K.
    24/02/2018 10:14

    Let her rest in peace ! Salute to asma jahangir

  • Nad N.
    23/02/2018 02:10

    She fought and stood her ground . All the people speaking about her. What have you done up to stand up for someone poor. Have you stood with a gun pointing at you and said do what you want we will not be moved. Being nominated for noble prize award is no joke. All checks are done.

  • Diana D.
    23/02/2018 01:59


  • Zil I.
    22/02/2018 15:39

    R.I.P. 💐💐💐 Pride of PAKISTAN 🇵🇰

  • Anirudha M.
    22/02/2018 14:49


  • Vijay S.
    22/02/2018 11:58

    She tried to bring pakistan to the 21st century but the public let her down Great woman greater loss to pakistan RIP

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