Assam's Detention Centres

Assam is witnessing violent protests over fears that changes proposed by the Modi government in the citizenship law will grant Indian citizenship to illegal migrants from Bangladesh. But in the state's official detention centres where thousands of suspected illegal migrants are holed up, depression and despair are rising by the day.

01/14/2019 1:34 AM
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  • Tharun B.
    01/14/2019 01:40

    Jugal Ramnani

  • Prevent B.
    01/14/2019 01:53

    Modi govt.. The end id near

  • Venkatesh P.
    01/14/2019 02:37

    Brut , U want migrants to stay in India. U have mentioned depression despair rising due to detention & as if rising all over India. So U need to release them & allow them to stay India. U think by presenting facts U can influence Indians to Vote against Modi & to Vote Rahul . Remove ur name Brut India. U R trying to sound Brut India means as if Original Brut may be in America. U R not God urs are not Gospel. Enough supporting anti nationals. Pakisthanis need not buy new missels to kill Indians U R enough. Enough hypocricies. What ever u say it is always against the interest of India . U have thought by your anti propaganda like in 3 State u can make people to Vote Rahul . But this time people realised your cheating U & Ur Rahul miserabaly fail this time. U R lucky nobody in India is suing You. This time Rahul will pay u less.

  • Sufiyan K.
    01/14/2019 02:42

    At one side Modi government is giving NRI to vote an those who are living here sending back wow sir wow.

  • Ritik J.
    01/14/2019 03:08

    dekh bhai human right violation in assam.

  • Javed S.
    01/14/2019 03:14


  • Javed S.
    01/14/2019 03:15

    These illegal have to be thrown out of India

  • Venkatesh P.
    01/14/2019 03:16

    Brut India U reported some old man said nothing cleaned in Ganga so Modi hasnt done anything . But In Arab a small Girl taught a lesson to Rahul why U have not reported that ? Even if u have not reported we the the Indians know what a small Girl said Rahul wears ashes on fore head goes to Temple wears Cap on head goes to Masjid when come out after giving pose to Camera removing Cap then talk of tolarance. Cable were blocked Chanels blocked shameless Rahul stoped show abruptly came out . Why dnt u report that atleast by blaming Modi.

  • Sayan D.
    01/14/2019 03:35

    Great work by the modi government!! The citizenship amendment bill , gave justice to all those who seriously needed asylum !! Jai Hind

  • Devpratim K.
    01/14/2019 03:52

    Amnesty reporting is to be believed?🤣🤣

  • Arindam M.
    01/14/2019 03:53

    Brut India why are you showing in behalf of the Bangladeshis..If you are so much concerned about them than take them away from Assam and keep them in your house or your masters country Saudi Arabia UAE etc.. Amnesty 😂🤣😂 fuck off

  • अखिल च.
    01/14/2019 03:56

    Shame on such people.

  • Ramanuj P.
    01/14/2019 04:02

    stop giving out videos to generate sympathy videos to these illegals... if they are legal they don't need to worry.. if they are not they should be thrown out.. whats the confusion here?

  • Satiz A.
    01/14/2019 04:10

    Brut did bjp paid u for this video.... CAB is a great threat to northeast state....... People of northeast are in small number compare to other states in india... And if the population of immigrants outnumber the local ......den its a serious problem... Bjp trying to use dis immigrant as a vote bank.... For the upcoming election

  • Sanjay K.
    01/14/2019 04:13

    See the stats of illegal immigrants, it kept on increasing just because of the policy of earlier govt. These migrates have settled in various of the country they are enjoying all the rights as of Indians. What do you have to say about that? No one will speak on it. Now the system is placed, these migrates have started crying.

  • G D.
    01/14/2019 04:25

    Immigrants should be sent back this is a good move .

  • Mohammed F.
    01/14/2019 04:29

    Some crooks are DEFAMING our country by their HATE POLITICS

  • Anu S.
    01/14/2019 04:56

    illegeal migrants should be kicked out specialy bangladeshi muslims

  • Kaushik D.
    01/14/2019 05:00

    #AssamisBurning - Why? For my 'Rest of India/World' friends - if you are wondering why there are 'naked' protests by assamese in Delhi, if you are confused what is this hullabaloo about citizenship amendment bill that 'only' Assam is worried about, if you are curious why Assam, my home state is burning today, let me try to explain in a simple way ... I may have to refer to a few milestone dates/events of the past to be able to give you the correct picture. 15Aug, 1985 - The Historic Assam accord ( was signed ending a 6 year student's movement in Assam which had 855 young martyrs. The main clause of this accord (Clause 5), amongst others, was that all foreigners (read : illegal immigrants from Bangladesh) who had come to Assam on or after 25March, 1971 will be identified and deported. Many governments came and went since (AGP - 10 years, Congress - 20 years) but all of them failed to implement the 'deportation' clause; instead, infiltration continued rampantly. The Assamese people felt betrayed. And by the way, the illegal immigrants problem was not limited to Assam anymore ... such illegal immigrants since the late 90s/early 2000 were seen in almost all economically advanced cities of India viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, etc. But the CORE of the issue continued in Assam where 'illegal immigration' reigns as 'THE' major problem with many districts of west Assam going through serious demographic changes in all these years. During one of his election campaign speeches, the honourable PM mentioned that '16may 2014 ke baad yeh bangladeshi bistra boriya baandh ke tayyar rahe jaane ke liye' - See Video here 'Will Send Bangladeshi Packing' Prior to this, nobody ever dared to announce this so blatantly in a public forum. Thus ... hope was rekindled, expectations were renewed amongst the people of Assam. Not only did BJP come into power in the Centre in 2014, the assamese people voted a majority BJP government in Assam for the very first time with the hope that atleast after 30 years of the accord, there is a ray of hope that many of its important clauses will be strictly implemented. And then in 2016 came the Citizenship Amendment Bill which seeks to make illegal migrants belonging to six religions (Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist and Christian) from three countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh) eligible for Indian citizenship. Now this may not impact rest of India at all but people of Assam are apprehensive that this may have serious demographic repercussions in the state - where on the one hand there has hardly been any deportation of illegal immigrants and Assam continues to reel under the pressure of millions of them, on the other hand there is this new bill through which more foreigners from Bangladesh (irrespective of their religion) are likely to come in and settle here. People are also seriously apprehensive that #ReligionBasedPolitics may find its way now into the state ... a state where, from time immemorial, people have always lived in harmony with all religions. Today (08Jan, 2019), this bill has been passed in Lok Sabha. During the run up to this, there were also suggestions by MLAs and MPs of other parties to 'exclude' Bangladesh/North East from this bill but without success. Assam and all assamese have felt severely betrayed, yet once again. #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2016 - copied from a concerned Indian

  • Azza K.
    01/14/2019 05:05

    We will never accept illegal immigrants.