• Shiva N.
    03/09/2021 00:21

    ALLEGED BANGLE SELLER WAS A LOT MORE THAN BEING JUST A MOLESTER! 4 others arrested after the arrest of Bangle seller for plotting riots and violence Several discriminatory material, including message exchange with Pakistani handlers, reocvered after the arrest of the Bangle seller Tasleem Ali for molesting a minor girl.

  • Wass W.
    28/08/2021 12:05

    All infidels cow is there god hs ha illiterate

  • Venus J.
    28/08/2021 12:00

    Brut india I guess one fir should be filed on you for misquoting facts Jitendra Pratap Singh

  • Komala S.
    28/08/2021 08:45

    No religion is treating us to another human being

  • Shirley S.
    28/08/2021 08:19

    Shame on this Government

  • Zain Z.
    28/08/2021 08:09

    Respect as he is earning something to feed his 5 kids and his wife.. Appreciate him for not doing a robbery or Grabbing the people's money like the politicians does..

  • Zain Z.
    28/08/2021 08:07

    Politicians makes Thousands fake promises and lies... And fails to do the Promises they made after getting Elected.. why don't you Uneducated fools thrash the politicians when they failed to full fill the Promises..

  • Vinay S.
    28/08/2021 07:19

    Nafrati Gang

  • Qussin B.
    28/08/2021 03:31


  • Ra J.
    27/08/2021 12:41

    Bstrdz wr allwys bstrdz

  • Mahmood A.
    27/08/2021 12:00

    Finally this bloody modi chor government is going to divide the Indian nation, watch.

  • Jagbir ‎.
    27/08/2021 11:18

    Religious assholes

  • Dakota H.
    27/08/2021 10:55


  • Myan E.
    27/08/2021 06:19

    Indian Nazis

  • Sidhartha M.
    26/08/2021 16:24

    He has been arrested, must be something more not fully being told

  • Aniket S.
    26/08/2021 15:31

    Very good ...teach these pissfull perverts a lesson every time they want to tease Hindu girls. Changing identify and having multiple identify proofs with different names, this is the real stroy of this bangle man.

  • Kahkashan P.
    26/08/2021 12:20

    Shame on this type of shit ministers. It's not about hindu or Muslims it's about the rights of people.

  • Saadda H.
    26/08/2021 12:04

    Galat hua ladke k saath

  • Bhushan L.
    26/08/2021 10:58

    this is taliban

  • Sanjay R.
    26/08/2021 08:29

    India is shit whole country . Full of rapist. Raping in mandirs. Disgusting shame on them😡

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