• Anupam S.
    06/09/2020 16:40

    Dadar Beach has forever been dirty and full of trash... When I lived in Wadala, I have almost always encountered loads of garbage there.. Think of it and this whole city is full of trash thanks to spectacular services by BMC 🙏

  • Alba J.
    26/08/2020 13:46

    Cannot believe people in Mumbai live like Zombies,they make such a big show about themselves,wish they would put these pictures on their TShirts.

  • Kamala V.
    24/08/2020 11:53

    Great going.Salutes to you.God bless.

  • Jyoti J.
    24/08/2020 08:29

    Keep it up

  • Saraswathi R.
    24/08/2020 06:21

    God bless u all

  • Moiz K.
    23/08/2020 09:51

    "if you see a problem then stop complaining and figure out a solution"..bro hez just 21-22 and look at the efforts and the initiative taken

  • Mathew S.
    20/08/2020 17:58

    Outstanding... keep going..God bless you all

  • Seema G.
    20/08/2020 05:41

    Outstanding work

  • Harish K.
    20/08/2020 01:40

    Phenomenal initiative

  • Rupali B.
    19/08/2020 07:34

    Malhar kalambe go on if anyone wants to join with you how to go for it let us know please

  • Rupali B.
    19/08/2020 07:31

    Hats off to you boy you are doing a very great work go on

  • Ravikumar K.
    19/08/2020 06:02

    This is the real challenge bro who are ignored environment

  • Mohd W.
    18/08/2020 18:53


  • Jaz G.
    17/08/2020 22:16

    Its impressive being a CA student he got time for all dis. Here I am bursting my ass and can barely move from my chair.

  • Pravin S.
    17/08/2020 13:47

    🙏👍Young people like u & your friends r the hope of our planet. Keep it up. Dhanyavaad & greetings from Mauritius. 🇲🇺

  • Ravi T.
    17/08/2020 12:13

    GOOD JOB guy's. godbess you

  • Rashi K.
    17/08/2020 09:47

    Kudos to the young man!! Inspirational.

  • Joseph A.
    17/08/2020 08:30

    But where do you dispose it 🤷 eventually it will again end up in the river itself🙄

  • Paromita N.
    17/08/2020 08:16

    Bravo. Thank you and may god bless you abundantly.

  • Kirti D.
    17/08/2020 06:06

    But tourists n visitors must stop littering beaches anywhere