• Srikar P.
    20/04/2022 04:29

    ee musolollani evadra gelipinchindhi

  • Nitesh S.
    13/04/2022 16:57

    Unpado ko neta banaao desh ki maa chudte hue dekho

  • Navin M.
    08/04/2022 06:37

    Anpadh mantri

  • Joma N.
    07/04/2022 16:51

    A re bhai btc eth aasman poch gaya, ab tu bola ye gambling hai, wapas jao stone age.

  • Bishal S.
    07/04/2022 15:54

    Chacha is frustrated coz he didn't invest on crypto on right time.

  • Kripesh B.
    07/04/2022 11:23

    When you elect uneducated fools that's the result you get

  • Anand T.
    07/04/2022 01:52

    Such people are reason why india is not growing, not knowing about a new technology is not a problem but speaking without knowing what it is and how it works is the problem, and out illiterate and brainless leaders are doing their job really well...

  • Rajneesh V.
    07/04/2022 01:36

    He is very much right because there is nothing provided for Bitcoin in Sebi or any other and there is no regulatory body for the regulation on Bitcoin , as of now Bitcoin is just like a bubble when it will explode its value won't even be of 1 rupees

  • Susanoo S.
    06/04/2022 02:28

    They want more working class people not thinking class. They want people who work thier ass off to earn a small amount of money but don't want people to think and earn the same amount at less work effort. Only a little amount of politician want thinking people who can bring changes to the nation but most want working class people who only think of working. I didn't mean they are bad They are mostly force by our education system to not think but only work, as our people need more working class than thinking class, working class are like the normal gov. employee while thinking class are like the richest guy in every country who bring changes and development, most people might have experience working your ass off just to earn a little amount while people who work less earn more then you.

  • Shamial H.
    06/04/2022 01:05

    its RSS CRYPTO!!!

  • Rakeysh P.
    05/04/2022 18:52

    Japan us Austria ne EVM v ban kia h. Ey v india me hona chahiye

  • Dcosta B.
    05/04/2022 14:45

    tu bhosdike chup reh....warna aur tax badega mc.

  • Tanmoy D.
    05/04/2022 12:46

    Teri maa ko bhej phir zyada paisa pay karenge 😂😂

  • Elvarasan J.
    05/04/2022 03:21

    The people who are this idiotic are not fit to run the country...a new tech paves way for growth and transperency in many sectors, if we don't capitalise we will always be chasing, China and USA .

  • Doc G.
    04/04/2022 15:21

    The greedy Govt. You want 100% tax, we all know!

  • Akshay M.
    04/04/2022 11:30

    These fuckers themselves dont pay any tax at all , obviously he want to levy more tax because how will their salary will increase !

  • Pani M.
    04/04/2022 09:47

    Certainly correct Crypto is something like gambling or lottery. Do the trade pay the tax! If you don’t want don’t do the trade stay away from it.

  • Dr-Arka D.
    04/04/2022 07:11

    Arey apna finance minister bewakoof hai, toh ye kaunsa khet ki muli hai....

  • Prak'sh G.
    04/04/2022 05:16

    If crypto is gambling what about dream11 ?

  • DYl N.
    03/04/2022 17:44

    Yeah no

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