Bureaucrat's Son Rings In Covid-19 In Bengal

He travelled from the UK to Delhi to Kolkata. Here is why Mamata Banerjee is upset with the family of Bengal’s first Covid-19 patient. 😲

20/03/2020 2:16 PMupdated: 20/03/2020 2:17 PM
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  • Michael S.
    24/09/2020 05:24

    its not a time to blame anybody who ever it may be this is virus if he not might be someone else.

  • Mahato D.
    25/04/2020 18:29

    Films, drama, web series, tv shows, then there comes mamata Banerjee show, useless

  • Abhisek C.
    09/04/2020 08:05

    Useless CM! What's the state machinery doing? Just admit that officers are arrogant and thinking they are above the system. Prime example of it.

  • Swapan C.
    01/04/2020 12:10

    Bakwas CM and more Bakwas her bureaucrats. Power monger. Irresponsible and insensetive too.

  • Ajay S.
    30/03/2020 04:18

    Chutiya hai mamta

  • Prodip G.
    29/03/2020 11:06

    People of kolkata are desperately want to treat him well.... Bengalis way.

  • Sharu K.
    29/03/2020 07:41

    Why cant mention names ??

  • Nirupam R.
    29/03/2020 05:24

    This bastard even roamed the shopping malls in kol with the virus... Ultimate son of a bitch

  • Shymantak R.
    29/03/2020 00:54

    this guy the son of a top bureaucrat in bengal is such an ass in the hole that he never bothered to care much about what his family and fellow citizens would have to endure incase of a possible Fall out of the virus in the city and its neighbourhoods. He proved beyond doubt that all his grooming and education got him to become An educated Qualmless idiot Without a conscience.

  • Pinky S.
    27/03/2020 17:49

    Jeman baba temni pula na jeman maa temni pola

  • Sanjoy D.
    27/03/2020 17:49

    He used his mother’s influence to escape the test of COVID 19. Now his mother should be suspended from her post....

  • Brijesh M.
    27/03/2020 12:41

    Oh wow , she is upset , such a big punishment.. next time please be kind ..

  • Dhilip R.
    26/03/2020 12:42

    It would have been better if there was a big hospital near all airport,railway station,main bus stand ,all state borders ,so that any body coming from abroad or other states could scan if negative or positive they should be quarantined in the hospital for observations or treatment in the hospital after 100percent ok by our best dr scrutiny they should have let the people to their home ,it would have been easy to manage then controling our huge population, hope everything should come to normalcy with all citizen co operation with current position and follow our govt guidlines, everyone should take it seriousness of the problem, and be responsible,and follow the guidelines

  • Sergio F.
    26/03/2020 10:05

    from pirbright institute to wuhan

  • Pallavi R.
    26/03/2020 09:50

    His mother, father and maid too tested positive later on. Update!

  • Michael N.
    25/03/2020 17:49

    Y indian airlines still continue continue their service despite knowing about this deadly and communicable diseases.. and told others to stay at home

  • Imdad A.
    25/03/2020 17:46

    We are demanding strong legal action against this Arrogant, Senseless, careless family for spreading CORONA Virus.

  • Anurag C.
    25/03/2020 14:32

    Family and that guy should be strictly punished

  • Avash B.
    25/03/2020 14:25

    Aise madarchod logo ke liye legal step lena chahiye. Pata nai ye chain kaha tak faail gaya hoga aur kitno ko marega sirf iss ek madarchod ke bachhe aur uske gaandu maa baap ke laparwahi ke wajah se. 😡 They should be equally punished.

  • Krishna H.
    25/03/2020 14:07

    Bokachoda chele

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