• Dpandit O.
    03/18/2018 06:25

    nama college...

  • Gita S.
    03/13/2018 05:57

    It is still not a solution. When we have received do it, the debris will be the greatest menace

  • Gita S.
    03/13/2018 05:54

    Not in kerala

  • Aakash P.
    03/12/2018 14:22

    bro. See this.

  • Kshitiz M.
    03/12/2018 12:11

    just before my chemistry exam what a timing..

  • Abhishek B.
    03/12/2018 05:22

    Can anyone please tell me which one is more profitable 1) making road out of plastic or 2) making fuel out of it?

  • Shalu K.
    03/12/2018 02:17

    Even though it's a good idea,Using plastic waste for road construction Causing near by wells polluted and producing harmful gases Try to avoid using plastic as far as we can That's the only solution we can think

  • DrSwathi R.
    03/11/2018 17:15

    Rain water wont be obsorbed into the ground if we create plastic roads

  • Haji W.
    03/11/2018 11:29

    ... We could do it

  • Arjun S.
    03/11/2018 08:35

    why not use plastic is filling plots in place of soil..

  • Shubham M.
    03/10/2018 18:56

    Wow man...

  • HR R.
    03/10/2018 06:20

    This example shows that how rich our education is..!!

  • Nipun D.
    03/10/2018 04:33

    Ahem ahem..make pakodas of them and export to the west...kabooom!!!!😂😂

  • Prerna N.
    03/10/2018 01:13

    check this out

  • Hemanth N.
    03/10/2018 00:27

    It's already using as railway tracks in another countries

  • Ridhun R.
    03/09/2018 20:40

    Good idea.But prevention is better can cure

  • Varmeet S.
    03/09/2018 20:34

    can we present this idea in front of the Punjab government if they dont know this? It might decrease the existing plastic waste and then promoting to stop the use of the plastic might be more helpful?

  • Sukhi B.
    03/09/2018 19:29

    kindly show this to uncle please.

  • Rahul R.
    03/09/2018 19:09

    Brut India is the next Being Indian page but for the first time they shared an appropriate news for its viewers.. but unfortunately its too late, a lot of people know about the plastic roads

  • Aman S.
    03/09/2018 18:48

    dekh be plastic ka istemal