Celebs Take Fight Against Cancer To Social Media

These celebrities opened up about their battle against cancer on social media, inspiring people facing similar risks to cope with the disease. 💪

18/01/2019 2:33 PM
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  • Ar S.
    08/02/2019 18:25

    Money can make u a prson for givng inspirations thts gud but inspirations only cnt cure u evrythng needs money , if we love someone, if we wnt to live inspiration automatically cms it dsnt need these vedios it needs money to cure nd courage

  • Ritika J.
    01/02/2019 02:03

    My husband is fighting with cancer n i know from every family member m begging for money. My husband is on bed n my kids r too young to be left alone so can't even work need 30000 every month for his medicine.

  • Brut India
    24/01/2019 15:10

    Almost one year ago, the Centre rolled out its plan for expanding health insurance.

  • Brut India
    22/01/2019 12:28

    Ayushmann Khurrana made this gesture to support his wife on Karwa Chauth.

  • Prakratik B.
    22/01/2019 07:53

    Well, the cure is already been found and banned by the government with the support of big pharma. Neither they won't allow any research for any kind of cure which is now worth billions. Huge loss in treating . Pharmacy is not making cure now, they are creating customers. More like drug addiction then healthcare.

  • Vivek G.
    20/01/2019 19:42

    Hope is everything but it can't pay your hospital bills and everybody is not so rich to go America for treatment.

  • Avneet K.
    20/01/2019 17:30

    Aren't we missing Nafisa Ali Sodhi in the list?

  • Motif T.
    20/01/2019 03:15

    Are yaar sab paise ka khel. Hai.. Ham aam log afford nahi kar sakte.. Isiliye mar jawe hai.. Aur ye celebs hai inhe paiso ki kya fikr.. Inko worlda best treatment mile hai.. Uske baad inspiration banne aaya hai loudu sab.. Inspiration hai jo normal insan jit kar aae..

  • Anu S.
    20/01/2019 01:54

    They are celebs they have money and can afford treatment from abroad .what about common poeple ?

  • Damini C.
    19/01/2019 16:34

    If they really survived this battle, better they s aid those who can't get treatment done in US

  • Santoshi K.
    19/01/2019 15:50

    Most remarkable is that they all got their treatment in US n UK. Shows a lot what kind of facilities we have in India.

  • Sanjay A.
    19/01/2019 11:48

    My heart goes for all the warriors. Bounce back. Disease isn't as strong as you are ❤️

  • Nadeem A.
    19/01/2019 08:07

    Ye nahi bachenge to kaun bachega

  • Lilyan S.
    19/01/2019 07:51

    Money saved them........but they also fought for survival

  • Navtej B.
    19/01/2019 07:49

    Yes... opened up in America!! 😂😂

  • Vineet K.
    19/01/2019 07:48

    Raising Awareness Was Good At Social Media Raising Funds For The Diseased Feels Awesome AF

  • Mahboob K.
    19/01/2019 06:17

    Bad hebats causes cancer .

  • Shaoni B.
    19/01/2019 05:30

    They get to live because they are wealthy... as soon as they get a diagnosis, they are off to some specialised treatment centre abroad. Common people can't do that. Because they are not popular and don't have sufficient wealth, they can do nothing but die! This post doesn't inspire, it only throws light on the societal divide and disparities!!😡😡😡

  • Salik A.
    19/01/2019 03:08

    Every cancer patient can fight with cancer better than that when they have planty of money... These celebrities are not fighting with cancer rather money is fighting with cancer on behalf of these celebrities/ rel8

  • Mustaq A.
    19/01/2019 02:46

    They got cancer due their make ups as lot of make up items contains dangerous chemicals in it.

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