Chetan Bhagat Has A Bone To Pick With India’s 4G Generation

Fighter jets, Bollywood conspiracies, Hindu-Muslim! Don’t get distracted. Focus on issues that affect your life... Chetan Bhagat’s advice to India’s smartphone generation. 👀

18/09/2020 8:39 AMupdated: 18/09/2020 9:24 AM
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  • Arman A.
    2 days


  • Mukesh M.
    5 days

    It's media channels which r putting curtains on actual news not single channel showed abt first quarter result GDP fall

  • Anil G.
    23/10/2020 03:05

    Harsh reality

  • Naim H.
    15/10/2020 01:54

    Great sir, at least some of you guys realise what is happening in India. And also have daring to speak truth.

  • Rahul M.
    12/10/2020 06:29

    A very apt thing about businesses in india... There's a lot of local bullying to any business...whether its small or large... Yes you should keep capitalism in check, but there should be a legal way. Ofcourse some very legit points for teens which should be worked upon.

  • Afshan H.
    11/10/2020 18:47

    She doesn't go gym herself?

  • Prashant J.
    10/10/2020 06:45

    Its remind me something....You was part of modi regime.....Rats are first to leave a sinking ship.

  • Muhammad F.
    07/10/2020 07:45

    relatable? Both sides have the same issues

  • Manish S.
    07/10/2020 02:53

    How to support your karma in Optimistic views Great Marketing Sir. Corona Virus will teach us. No! we have many in pipeline, they all will ruined the economy and one like the A Industrialists know how to bring bright future for them and for their Investor's. This virus has totally shattered the piller of medical emergency. The protocol for the seriously ill has gone worst to worst in this bad times.

  • Mohammad A.
    03/10/2020 06:54

    Finally, said. Well said.

  • Mugdha V.
    30/09/2020 19:04

    Can people work and not waste time

  • Basil P.
    30/09/2020 02:55

    No Indian citizens should raise questions to the ruling govt current facing issues..../ No one going to ask where the public funds are being used/ No one asked about why road tax taken from public but still road filled with hole and gutters/ Why public money taken statue when we are suffering GDP -27 RATE , UNEMPLOYMENT PEAK& PETROL AND DIESEL GOOD RATE AT CORONA SEASON/ NO GUTS TO ASK WHEN INFORN OF THEM CRUELTY AND CRIME HAPPENS. ONLY ONE THINK EVERY WHERE EVERY ONE DO LOOKING AT PHONE AND IN SUPPORT hashtag # Support.... Sending emoji and share like me the post Because no one care and worries about it....

  • Megha L.
    29/09/2020 17:47

    The youth is also distracted by the poor quality scripts that you pass off as “novels”. Why don’t you write something enlightening on economy if it worries you so?

  • Anjaly S.
    26/09/2020 17:42

    After doing engineering and management, why are you writing novels and entertaining people, which any BA literature graduate can do ? Journalist might talk any issue which increase their viewership. It is business for them. But who told govt does only that? 25 bills were passed within 10 days in the current session of parliament from 14th to 23rd Sep'20 alone. Did any journalist discuss all those 25 bills in their channels? Works done by central government are available in govt websites. Discussion on the bills can be watched in Loksabha and Rajya Sabha tv. Govt reforms mostly are also discussed in DD news. They are also doing journalism. Haven't you watched those tv channels which speaks all these? And certainly this is not the time for any economic revival, when people's life is the matter of concern. Many people don't go for job fearing the pandemic. Govt has to close down business in some areas when disease spreads so that medical facilities are available to maximum possible people. International trade is affected. How will business function. How will GDP grow? These are factors beyond the control of govts. That is why GDP has fallen drastically in various countries. Discuss economy when there is a downfall which happens only in India due to no outside reasons.That never happened during Modi govt. Even during the global slow down prior to covid, India's contribution to GDP fall worldwide was not as much as that from USA, Euro area, Mexico Russia, Brazil, China. (IMF report Dec'19) Which means Modi govt is working out measures to mitigate effects of global slow down as well. Refer IMF report:

  • Sailendra T.
    26/09/2020 03:26

    Arey bhai.. tum sarkaar bana lo..😂

  • Anupama P.
    25/09/2020 07:33

    We remember what you did with your smartphone......what you got distracted by.

  • Imran S.
    24/09/2020 15:51


  • Akash S.
    24/09/2020 15:34


  • Lohit N.
    24/09/2020 10:45

    Delhi riot banglore riot by muslims affected the lifestyles..

  • Neeraj R.
    23/09/2020 16:02

    We don't need bhagat's of how to initiate great self esteem. May be it's Your burden Permanently I'm doing great job with Right pace of self esteem. It's really sickened to say indiana have low self-esteem. 🙏🙏

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