• Amarnath R.
    17/02/2018 13:59

    Without allocating money Modi govt wants to give health insurance. Lies lies and more lies.

  • Vikram R.
    16/02/2018 02:24

    People wake up👏

  • Gourav B.
    13/02/2018 08:14

    . Amit bhau plz check below comments too

  • Kumawat N.
    08/02/2018 20:10

    Fake chidambaram

  • Abhijeet A.
    07/02/2018 15:58

    From where will you provide the money Minister??? If you base your estimate of Kerela medical scheme you need atleast 50 Times more money than allocated ? There is not enough provisions made in the budget for that kind of amount!

  • Ananda P.
    07/02/2018 14:29

    Mr.PC you are a great Fraud you have no rights to comment on the budget, however it may be.

  • Rahul K.
    07/02/2018 14:00

    Illusionist gov feeding on dreamer vote bank

  • Rahul K.
    07/02/2018 10:02

    Its jumla insurance by pakoda sarkar

  • Uttaran S.
    07/02/2018 07:26

    The biggest thief of the country is also an accomplished actor. Nothing like the business of using big degrees to sell lies and get richer.

  • Suja S.
    07/02/2018 04:56

    foolishing the indians ..... .. we are paying lots and lots to the state and central govt but what use in it ????? nothing.... till lot of people suffers got daily food and accommodation....

  • Firoz R.
    07/02/2018 03:56

    Mayank PrajapatiJaimin Patel

  • Parthu B.
    07/02/2018 01:14

    ye joker dhang se bol bhi nahi paa raha. Kisne elect Kiya isko 😂

  • Jitesh G.
    07/02/2018 01:04

    Congrss won't understand it for sure because for them corruption was the only motto while thy were in power

  • Shyam S.
    07/02/2018 00:09

    Scripted news...

  • Rohit Y.
    06/02/2018 21:45

    Elect a clown see the circus😂😂😂

  • Jay S.
    06/02/2018 21:10

    Under the National Health Protection Scheme or "ModiCare", the government estimates the cost of insuring each family would be about Rs 1,100. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this budget will add to ease of living. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/modicare-worlds-largest-national-health-protection-scheme-all-you-need-to-know-1807875

  • Asghar A.
    06/02/2018 20:21

    Yes we have heard many commitments and it's not possible. Only false commitments like before winning the election and the same strategy is being repeated now.

  • Manish S.
    06/02/2018 19:43

    Time to opt NOTA..from next elections..

  • Husein S.
    06/02/2018 19:17

    Most corrupted policy in which all will distribute 10-15% of 5 lakhs among themselves

  • Husein S.
    06/02/2018 19:16

    The policy gives 5 lac cover per family. If 1 person from d family suffers heart attack n gets admitted in corporate hosp his or her whole cover of d family gets completed and after dat if d person gets ill or any other person frm d family gets ill hve to go to government hosp to die bcoz corporate hosp will nt admit d patient as d cover is already finished

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