Confused About Social Media Etiquette During A Pandemic?

Are you feeling guilty about posting a photo of your pet on social media during this difficult time? Should celebrities be called out for uploading pics of their exotic vacations? Brut spoke to ethicist Bruce Weinstein to find out...

05/05/2021 5:27 AM
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  • Suryansh T.
    an hour

    or maaan lo in bhadwo ko hero asli heros ka patta lag gya india waalo

  • Sukanya N.
    2 hours

    So true 👍

  • Sonam P.
    3 hours

    These celebrities should be forced to spend at least 10 % of their net value in serving the nation during these hardship times We can generate a hell lot of money for all the poor and the needy people during these times

  • Subir R.
    6 hours

    whats new?? for affluent Indians and celebraties its normal.Rich have money to hoard buy beds and do vaccation ..Poor dont care until its above their livelihood, middle class is at home afraid helpless buying oxygen cylinders 5 times of more price without a hosipital beds ..govts are unmoved, this is the current scenerio of our country

  • Meena M.
    7 hours

    Shame!! Ppl are dying without oxygen cylinders .ppl are waiting to get oxygen refilled for their loved ones in queues ,crying out for not getting oxygen... And you ppl are posting your vacation enjoyment....dont you feel ashamed of yourself and you ppl talk and debate about big things .... Shame!! To just save yourself from covid uou ppl are running away for vacation just to enjoy ppl are leaving to different places just coz of your powerful places having lots of money ... Here ppl are dying not getting beds in hospitals no money for oxygen cylinders no money for cremation too , waiting in queues .... Shane in you ppl... Shame!

  • Spyronic V.
    7 hours

    Absolutely right there no line what people can post the amount of hit content in Facebook short vids and insta reels is become frustrating

  • Pranay S.
    7 hours

    Faltu bate hi karta hai yar brut...

  • Niaholfer R.
    8 hours

    So no one is talking about the mass election rally and thousands of people gathering for kumbh mela .. Surging of covid cases are inevitable after this.. we knew from the very beginning that covid disease didn't die out yet one rally for the election for self interest and what to say for the other one.. blind religious followers.. these two are the sole responsible for this covid 19 chaos in the country... IAM with the celebrities and other who have posted their vacation pictures and enjoying.. don't give a fuck what others say,just enjoy your life..

  • Jay B.
    8 hours

    It's sad but many are insensitive

  • Srinivas M.
    10 hours

    Many youths in Indians treat Bollywood Heroes as an ideal of their Life.But they are reel Heroes entertainers our Real Heroes are Soldiers and Front line Workers Drs inthis situation they are dedicated their life towards walfare of People. Big Salute to warrior's

  • Selie V.
    10 hours

    Thank you for this video. The Indian celebrities posting their vacation photos is not the way to show that they are standing with India or are in solidarity with those infected and those who lost their loved ones. It shows their selfishness and complete lack of appreciation for our dedicated doctors, nurses, caregivers, ambulance drivers, the police, the people working in the cemeteries and crematoriums, and many voluntary humanitarian workers. It is also insensitive to the poor, a slap on the face of those struggling to feed themselves and their families. I was very upset with the BCCI for the IPL 2021 and the franchisees. I don't watch the games but the ads, the scores, the schedules are there in the newspapers, TV channels, and phone apps. My respect goes to those celebrities who are working hard to get even a few oxygen cylinders to help those in these extremely difficult times.

  • Nikita S.
    10 hours

    So true ..

  • Niki M.
    11 hours

    The ones who get offended or feel jealous are the ones who follow them. Simple solution - just unfollow them. Duh!

  • Dil C.
    14 hours

    Ethics is people should make others or name them as celebrity or rich society. It would be ideal to support common people rather than endorsing and following selfish mongers.

  • Полена А.
    15 hours

  • Farender G.
    16 hours

    Well I guess it's a new way to serve seduction to stay in news ...bollywood knows what is sold here as an entertainment ..

  • Harshit J.
    17 hours

    Yeah all u have said in comments I totally agree to it. Sometimes I think we are the fool who gives chance to such peps, these celebs they can do lot help in such pandemic but no. They have all what they want and what more they need, so much money, wealth, fame ..etc. Also value the life of others who need help in these pandemic 🙏.

  • Dew S.
    17 hours

    Crore of people dying daily and this handful of beggars are going on vacation and posting videos and pics ..... Shame on them 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡plz donate that money for some poor to have oxygen cylinders or for food ..... people are lockdown wit no jobs wit no government help and such a heartless people are posting all this nasty old rotten pics 🤮

  • Juhi M.
    18 hours

    Is this how a celebrity you called them as "hero" suppose to be? They are just a monetary shameless people I can say to this soo called Bollywood tattis.

  • Nishtha P.
    18 hours

    While facing such huge losses during this pandemic, people really should understand and mustn't show such insensitivity.

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