• Hareram M.
    07/02/2021 05:19

  • Rangaswami K.
    12/12/2020 02:41

    I like the institute and their service to Humanity is aprecia ted

  • Anand K.
    11/12/2020 17:04

    Superb Anand Kochhar from Atlantic

  • Syed N.
    09/12/2020 14:50

    We are amazed with what he already knew... with that he meant to say that he knew nothing...😅😅😅

  • Keval P.
    09/12/2020 07:29


  • Nalin J.
    08/12/2020 00:26

    So why uk not have it ?

  • Prakash S.
    07/12/2020 15:01

    Proud to be Associated with the organisation in past.

  • Sagar K.
    06/12/2020 17:15

    Best company in the world

  • Bijay K.
    06/12/2020 14:19

    Proud of u poonawala

  • Pravin D.
    06/12/2020 11:01

    All by stealing from Haffkine Institute.

  • Manas R.
    06/12/2020 10:15

    Is it possible for perfect vaccine of covid19 for human as it rna viruses changing is modus operendi, I have a dout.if anybody clear me with scientific resion. I shall be highly appreciated the 🙏

  • Shaguftha S.
    06/12/2020 07:37


  • Shilpa C.
    06/12/2020 06:42

    Salute to the serum institude

  • Talha H.
    06/12/2020 06:25


  • Kerrilee L.
    06/12/2020 02:25

    Population reduction Through Eugenics Death Shots aka Big Pharmakia has Snake Symbolism on their Logo AS A WARNING TO HUMANITY.. Research before Blindly Trusting Big Pharmakias Toxic Poison.. Please.. Am Praying for Heaven's True God to Bind Up and Expose All Evil Sent Against Us Here Always, Take Care n QUESTION WHY HEAVY METALS IN VACCINES GO INTO BRAIN THROUGH BLOODSTREAM GIVING YOUR CHILD AND YOU PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE FROM TOXIC CHEMICAL GARBAGE.. AGENDA 21 AND AGENDA 2030.. LOOK IT UP..

  • Reagan K.
    06/12/2020 01:14

    Modi know everything

  • Pradeep N.
    06/12/2020 01:08


  • Shashank G.
    05/12/2020 21:34

    Moin Siddiqui

  • Purvi R.
    05/12/2020 18:04

    Gates met poonawallas when he visited india. What a scam!

  • Mubin K.
    05/12/2020 14:32

    Taking tech from Russia and now time to take credit. Lol

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