Delhi Students Fight Pollution

How bad is Delhi air really? These college students decided to find out for themselves.

15/01/2019 5:25 AMupdated: 31/08/2020 9:44 AM
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  • Ishan K.
    17/01/2019 19:45

    dekh le bhai

  • Deependra S.
    15/01/2019 17:15


  • Shekhar S.
    15/01/2019 14:06

    Knock knock.... don’t waste your time unless u can’t make any effort to bettle against pollution and population. On the other hand, let the government fight election. This is the only thing they fight very well. So stop making nuisance around. Go home and wait to die..

  • Hemanti S.
    15/01/2019 09:52

    Will people in Delhi give up travelling in fancy SUVs? When odd even rule was started they objected. They burst crackers during diwali even though there was court ruling. Every citizen is responsible.

  • Karthik G.
    15/01/2019 08:36

    , I wonder how is sustaining and Manik - did you ever had a bleed yet

  • Gurpreet S.
    15/01/2019 08:08

    This is India. No one cares, until it becomes a big disaster. Governments are sleeping, elections are coming.

  • Jogender K.
    15/01/2019 07:03

    Wo instrument kya hai jisse measure kr rahe hai

  • Babu A.
    15/01/2019 06:45

    This time ask to do something wen they ask for vote

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