Diggy Raja Vs. Maharaja Scindia In Parliament

Rajya Sabha roared in laughter when former colleagues Jyotiraditya Scindia and Digvijay Singh addressed the session one after another. This was Scindia’s first speech in Parliament since his switch to the BJP.

04/02/2021 4:30 PM
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  • Jagdish C.
    15/09/2021 11:54


  • Achutanand C.
    17/04/2021 22:10

    So parliament is for mushaira? These people are our supposedly our choosen servants right? Who the fuck calls them Maharajas and Rajas !!! They might be blue blooded literally...they are not humans.

  • Lepcha P.
    14/04/2021 06:33

    One can see on his facial expression actually that Scindia is embarrased of his deeds.

  • Ilshad S.
    24/02/2021 19:03

    Maharaja ? Is it democracy or monarchy in India?

  • Sachin A.
    17/02/2021 03:41

    Why everyone calls him Maharaj.We live in Democratic country.He is also an ordinary citizen like us

  • Syed M.
    14/02/2021 19:13

    Iam seeing pain in Scindia eyes. He was saying something which congress has trained. He is congress product

  • Syed M.
    14/02/2021 19:05

    Great to see both friends on oppsite sides.

  • Sandesh P.
    13/02/2021 15:31


  • Sagar N.
    11/02/2021 16:39

    Where is Varun Gandhi

  • Amod D.
    11/02/2021 12:29


  • Joel G.
    11/02/2021 11:14


  • Saber S.
    09/02/2021 20:40

    Shameless scindia

  • Prasada R.
    09/02/2021 14:02

    Scindia is a sold out politician, how did he gets sleep after selling him out right to fascist regime. Respect doesn't come just because some one born in a Royal Family, Respect comes for personality.

  • Adil K.
    09/02/2021 13:14

    ना थके हैं पैर कभी न कभी हिम्मत हारी है। सिंध्या नाम मेरा काम सिर्फ धोका व ग़द्दारी है

  • Karan K.
    08/02/2021 11:15

    SP Pandey

  • Ridom H.
    08/02/2021 06:47

    worst minister Scindia i have ever seen in my life

  • Abhishek M.
    07/02/2021 21:27

    आप जिस पार्टी में हो “आगे भी जिस पार्टी में रहें” मेरा आशीर्वाद हमेशा आपके साथ रहेगा!

  • DrShashank M.
    07/02/2021 16:56

    their ancestors were traitors and thats why they are comfortably holding seats in the parliament

  • Peria S.
    07/02/2021 14:57

    - do not shame the past royalties of MP because you are an expert 'rapist and digger and looter' of nation's wealth!

  • Shubham R.
    07/02/2021 13:39

    💞💕healthy politics