DIY Masks Win India’s Approval

As India’s who’s who bat for homemade masks, here’s how you can make them out of anything -- from T-shirt to a blouse piece. 😷

22/04/2020 3:42 PMupdated: 22/04/2020 3:50 PM
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  • קמה א.
    26/05/2020 07:03

    F U C K E D UP

  • Nikhat S.
    26/05/2020 02:44


  • Ngam E.
    25/05/2020 17:42

    No thnk q

  • K.A. V.
    25/05/2020 13:07

    Why did you have to have the Feku fart telling us what to do ?!

  • Arpita M.
    25/05/2020 10:13


  • Talha A.
    25/05/2020 10:10

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  • Shankar
    25/05/2020 10:05

    Ok ji ok ji versa vaazhi

  • शि व.
    25/05/2020 09:34

    Abhi. Jihadi or Award wapsi gang wale kaha chup kr baithey hai..?

  • Er A.
    25/05/2020 09:16

    Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy The researchers found that the mask reduced the blood oxygen levels (pa02) significantly. The longer the duration of wearing the mask, the greater the fall in blood oxygen levels. The importance of these findings is that a drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia) is associated with an impairment in immunity. Studies have shown that hypoxia can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections called the CD4+ T-lymphocyte. This occurs because the hypoxia increases the level of a compound called hypoxia inducible factor-1 (HIF-1), which inhibits T-lymphocytes and stimulates a powerful immune inhibitor cell called the Tregs. . This sets the stage for contracting any infection, including COVID-19 and making the consequences of that infection much graver. In essence, your mask may very well put you at an increased risk of infections and if so, having a much worse outcome

  • Rika Y.
    25/05/2020 08:22


  • Rika Y.
    25/05/2020 08:22


  • Vijayamala R.
    25/05/2020 07:13

    How hot it will be

  • Umar A.
    25/05/2020 06:27

    I don't even want to hear from him...he was busy in preparing for war rather focusing on research and health sector .... policy making basis of good administration

  • Brut India
    25/05/2020 05:24

    As masks become part of our new normal, designers are using to make reusable and personal face masks:

  • Hassan N.
    25/05/2020 05:22

    Bc heater wala lighter strom. Me nai bujhta ha ya phonk mar raha Chy

  • Chukhu R.
    25/05/2020 05:01

    Lah breath Kaise karega Itni moteh kaprehse

  • Barbara P.
    25/05/2020 04:15

    Does’t the PM have more important info to give , than to repeat what Doctors have and , are still urging people to practice measures to protect themselves?

  • Zain C.
    25/05/2020 03:23

    Durr fitty muu tara🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Nizamuddin N.
    25/05/2020 02:44

    Frequent usage of mask may low Ur oxygen level in blood... which is not good for hlth 😱

  • Govind R.
    25/05/2020 00:25

    And you breathe back what u breathe out 😅

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