Do Jet Airways Staffers Need Counselling?

The suicide by a Jet Airways employee in Mumbai has sparked fresh concerns about thousands of staffers who are waiting to be paid by the embattled airline.

05/01/2019 3:06 AM
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  • Nidhi B.
    05/01/2019 03:09

    I wonder how these employers suddenly say that they are bankrupt last year also they took huge loan at that time no one was bothered bout there balance sheets disgusting his son is interested in hotel industry so all the money is going there ..these ruthless employers just nod there head that we r shutting down there shud be some regulations for same

  • Vadivelu P.
    05/01/2019 03:12

    Go n think how to revive the air line la.....instead of complaining......stupid fool

  • Rohan G.
    05/01/2019 03:13

    Businesses make mistakes and remeber companies are companies. They have their own motives to fulfil first. And hence you cannot get attached to a job or an organisation emotionally or for a Long time if companies themselves are unstable. People have seen good times with this company and bad times as well. Many start-ups close on everyday basis. So we blame the business models, entrepreneurs etc for not making good concepts and plans. Whatever it is you can't blame the government for this. You can blame the govt for AirIndia losses though

  • Praveen S.
    05/01/2019 03:13

    Cancer patients part of politics many cases like this to blem government

  • Latha K.
    05/01/2019 03:20

    India is running after a mirage. High pay, high lifestyle, etc etc but all seems totally like crust on volcano. Weak labour law, conservative commercial affairs and much more are pushing the country towards economic doom. The scenario which India didnt witness till now because of strong domestic market. Time for the young generation start taking their future seriously beyond fake fantasies.

  • Naruttam D.
    05/01/2019 03:21

    Shame shame ......

  • Ajay D.
    05/01/2019 03:23

    Pakoda talo

  • Barshad A.
    05/01/2019 03:38

    Very sad

  • Rachana B.
    05/01/2019 03:41

    Very Sad

  • Pialy P.
    05/01/2019 03:44

    Very Sad

  • Aarti J.
    05/01/2019 03:48

    Why indian not taking any responsibility...its realy very sad ...wt.will happen... god help them

  • Shan M.
    05/01/2019 03:50

    Why? The most tolerant and happy people in the world following this this negative trend .Dont need to end your life over a job ,tomorrow is a new door and opportunity.

  • Vineet D.
    05/01/2019 03:50

    You can spend Rs 3000 crores on statue but can't give money to people for their bread. Other than that these employees paid income and other taxes during their services as responsible citizen, isn't it now government responsibility to pay back them in such crisis.

  • Anita B.
    05/01/2019 03:52

    Very Sad ☹️☹️☹️. Please Please ..don't commit suicide 🙏🙏🙏🙏 You have Family's very hard to live without Loved Ones.. Yes I Do Understand....lack of job and money creates lot of Problems.. It's a bad phase .And in Today's World.. Money is very important.. This time will too Pass Away .. Nothing is Permanent here. If Happy days are gone ...these sad days won't last long .. I know it's very Easy for me to say .. But Believe in yourself.. Believe in God . God Bless his Soul 🙏🙏🙏. Give Strength to his Family members to bear the loss 🙏🙏

  • Rupa K.
    05/01/2019 03:52

    If starts paying for the default loan for private companies, then each and every businessman will take loan and start crying that save us... Moreover if I get 25k and is able to save more than a lakh in a period of 1 year after meeting my needs how come these people who are earning so much are not able to save a single penny for future. Go and search new job before that balance gets over. Even ants save their good for winter. So if you spent all the money having lavish life it's your fault. Govt of India (no matter congress or bjp) will be responsible for loss in air india, railways etc

  • Roy S.
    05/01/2019 03:57

    Instead of arranging councillors, give them salary!

  • Anuj K.
    05/01/2019 03:57

    Fukers pay their salaries Inspite of these stupid activities

  • Padmavani M.
    05/01/2019 03:58

    Please don't take haste decisions and leave your kith and kin

  • Abubakar A.
    05/01/2019 03:59

    99% employees are modi bhakt, Daly abuse Congress party what did Congress party 70years ,

  • Kshitish S.
    05/01/2019 04:05

    ##guys like these always wait for disaster to occur and then to take any action. Like in India everything has a solution band that is when someone dies out after that the respective organisation claims to help other employees of its organisation. THIS IS REALLY INSANE.....AND SOME