• Chitra F.
    31/05/2018 12:45

    Zebaa Ferhin y dekh

  • Samyak J.
    17/05/2018 17:25

    bhai ye dekhlo. Yaar. Puri video mei

  • Satyendra C.
    16/05/2018 09:24

    Scary.What is the way out,if any?

  • Anshul M.
    15/05/2018 20:10

    "ये क्लाइमेट चेंज नहीं हुआ है, हम चेंज होगये है"

  • Raghu R.
    15/05/2018 09:48

    Oh my environmentalist and my economically to become strong Govt... Continue the work with your bloody development....forget of trees u can grow back but Clearing the MOUNTAINS is just a simple reason that this occurs now common. Can you Grow them back bloody buddies...

  • Joshua R.
    15/05/2018 09:24

    be safe will ya

  • Harshvardhan B.
    15/05/2018 04:24

    you’re not going to Rajasthan 😡

  • Kawaljeet S.
    15/05/2018 03:23

    Bavneet Singh Taneja

  • Varun S.
    15/05/2018 03:06

    I came here to make a joke that people will now blame Modi for this But they really are blaming him 😂😂😂

  • Sashraik S.
    15/05/2018 02:43

    About 120 people? Really, ABOUT? People, humans, not freaking rice grains..

  • Tej P.
    14/05/2018 23:30

    Anurag Suvarna

  • Amaan S.
    14/05/2018 20:05


  • Samrat B.
    14/05/2018 18:38

    May be Now Modi will try to understand what Climate change is...

  • Hrilina C.
    14/05/2018 16:59

    Sachin Saroch

  • Surendra S.
    14/05/2018 16:51

    see ths guys

  • Abhishek M.
    14/05/2018 16:22

    Prachi 1 baar aaya hai. "its the new normal"

  • Rohit V.
    14/05/2018 15:46

    Interstellar reference lmao

  • Maoma C.
    14/05/2018 14:37

    heng vel vang hi nih dawn hi nizan kha

  • Devansh G.
    14/05/2018 14:26


  • Abdur R.
    14/05/2018 13:53

    Politicians can take credit for projects initiated by previous governments, but we cannot blame them for disasters. We have a PM who openly condemns climatic change and calls it a myth. We have politicians who instead of creating awareness about natural disasters and taking appropriate measures, come out and say how advanced we were thousands of years ago. We have a PM who gives license to saints to organise cultural feats at the cost of destruction of lands and rivers. Yes, let us not blame our politicians.

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