Farmer Protests Revive Award Wapsi Trend

Vijender Singh is the latest entrant to a long list of people who have “returned awards”. It’s a list that will probably surprise you.

08/12/2020 4:35 PMupdated: 11/12/2020 11:48 AM
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  • Kay D.
    17/12/2020 21:18

    Vijender Singh ....the money that you got with that please return that also

  • Alok D.
    15/12/2020 03:47

    Award wapsi gang go brrrr

  • Yash P.
    13/12/2020 09:43

    haha who cares return it.x

  • Santanu
    13/12/2020 08:09

    I do not support return of Awards... staying and supporting farmers is ones own choices... Moreover if one decides to return Awards... he/she should quite all those facilities provided by Govt... Award Money, Govt Jobs everything...

  • Dhakshayani D.
    12/12/2020 10:16

    Intolerance is faced by Hindus, by the ruling of foreign nationals in the name of Gandhi for the last 5 decades

  • Amit S.
    12/12/2020 09:52

    It's not the government who has given the award it's given by country, you get award as you did proud for the country by returning it you disrespect the country men.

  • Rahul S.
    12/12/2020 08:26

    Chal be jhatu kar waps aword tughe dena bhi nhi chahiye

  • Parminash R.
    12/12/2020 07:22

    jaab kishan manmani karega tab yeh ambani, adani saab sukh jayengge dekhna.

  • Lesly C.
    12/12/2020 03:21

    India is in chaos. What a joke this present government is. A bunch of spendthrift losers.

  • Siddharth C.
    12/12/2020 03:11

    stupid people

  • Priyavrat J.
    12/12/2020 02:00

    Muft mein mili khairat ki koi kimat nahi hoti, so vapis karne ka koi gam nahi hota, kabhi gallantry award vapis houe dekhe hain ?

  • Jaswant S.
    12/12/2020 00:43

    Muke bazz tagra hai jumlae bazz babamoney mind baba hai.miss call baba hate phelta hai. JogiLove jehad wala chote bacho per Ddt chikata hai. Supreme court kuch nahi karta kynonki pichware mango baba khansta hai. Bale bale chowekidara. 10 12 202020 ka kam ho gaya

  • Rahul J.
    11/12/2020 21:08

    Paise Bhi Wapas Karna BHAi plz....

  • Nikul C.
    11/12/2020 19:34

    aabe, Vijendra Singh .... It has proved that U r foolish person by returning the Award given by a COUNTRY ... 🇮🇳😊🇮🇳 and not by 1 Political party...🤣😂🤣. Bhai, this Award was Ur Achievement for Representing Bharat ( India ) & not specifically 1 political party..😊. I think Presisent of Bharat ( India ) should declare, that who ever wants & wanting to return Awards can return in nxt 7 days & if returned after that...will be " hanged till death " for Devaluing the pride of Bharat ( India ).

  • Pritam S.
    11/12/2020 19:33

    This gov actually can start selling the all returned awards from respective fileld. Already this gov era receives maximum no of award wapsi. Tum sale thage log kisika nhi ho.

  • Santa M.
    11/12/2020 19:26

    He is very loser. But winner only one time 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Srinivasan S.
    11/12/2020 18:41

    He has every right to give back the medal which he won by his hard work not by simply being at home. Whoever asks him to return the money, first ask the government to bring back the back money in the Swiss bank and afterwards, he can return the award money.

  • Ameet M.
    11/12/2020 17:52

    I don't understand these people. Why are they returning their award, these awards are given to them by govt of India, not by BJP. Many of these people received these awards during upa government. Anyway these awards are given to them for their work. And one more thing ruling party in Panjab is congress. And this bill is not at all accepted by Panjab govt.

  • JeevaSujatha K.
    11/12/2020 17:30

    Kindly return the money also which u have got.....

  • Jayanthi H.
    11/12/2020 16:56

    Good. Do that as soon as possible. No need of that drama

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