Flashback: India At The Oscars

When you watch the Oscars this Monday morning, remember the Indians and Indian films that have triumphed at the world's most popular movie awards. 📽🏆✨

02/23/2019 11:08 AM
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  • Jasbinder S.
    02/23/2019 11:09

    The most amoralist people in India.

  • Schumaila R.
    02/23/2019 11:16

    simply wow

  • Tapas D.
    02/23/2019 11:21


  • Nataraj B.
    02/23/2019 11:31

    How about nirbaya's '' India's daughter'' ??? The documentary

  • Rajesh K.
    02/23/2019 11:32

    #Oscars were given to the film's that represented #India in a negative way ex: Slum dog millionaire

  • Dyutiparna G.
    02/23/2019 11:55

    It's probably not correct to call Oscar the world's most "prestigious" movie award, it is more like world's most "famous" movie award. It's an award show primarily hosted for Hollywood. Cannes' Palme D'or is probably the world's most "prestigious" film award. Or maybe Berlin's silver bear.

  • Amartya C.
    02/23/2019 11:55

    Some indian journalist asked the Oscar jury , why they are ignorant towards indian films... They replied , that we are very well awared of the indian films...but none of them meet the cinematic standards satyajit ray set years ago...

  • Abdal G.
    02/23/2019 11:59

    #spreadLove #indiakimaakaboshra❤❤

  • Yashas B.
    02/23/2019 12:02

    What about South Indian films? Like thevar magan and kanchiveerum

  • Ayush J.
    02/23/2019 12:17

    Oscars ain't prestigious anymore.

  • Manu S.
    02/23/2019 12:26

  • Rishav P.
    02/23/2019 12:30

    dekh etah

  • Abhishek M.
    02/23/2019 12:34

    No one gives a fu** abt Oscars........Americans always try to show themselves as if every great things belong to them just like the Englishmens 🙄......Who created Oscar???? God????? No....Then y the hell it is considered greatest???? Just bcoz Americans have money so they can overhype everything.......We Indians make the most no. of movies in the world that's what makes this Americans feel jealous of Us Indians........Time to stop licking their A** everytime....We Indians are the best they need to learn from us now 🇮🇳

  • Umakant G.
    02/23/2019 12:44

    Why we give so much importance to Oscars!!

  • Warren T.
    02/23/2019 12:51

    How can we win Oscars when we drool over movies like Singham and Bodyguard existing?

  • Kavya G.
    02/23/2019 13:12

    why do we need a validation from the oscars? we know our movies are good and some great. and thats enough. lets not give more fodder to our colonial hangover.

  • मानस स.
    02/23/2019 13:12

    Why the fuck are you using boomerang

  • Rishabh S.
    02/23/2019 14:01

    A star is born remake of aashiqui 2 have been nominated for this Oscar's........... remakes are winning oscar.

  • Pratyush A.
    02/23/2019 14:48

    Bas goron ki approval lete raho har baat me khun me hi gulami h

  • Mahesh M.
    02/23/2019 15:12

    How to watch