Furious Sonali Phogat Assaulting Haryana Official

BJP politician and TikTok star Sonali Phogat thrashed Sultan Singh, a member of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee, with her slippers. This is why she said she lost her cool…

09/06/2020 12:27 PM
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  • Lucian C.
    29/09/2020 20:27

    I'd smack the shit out of her if she dared to hit me... 😂😂😂

  • Shivji P.
    03/07/2020 12:53

    Never raise a hand no matter what

  • Sam S.
    03/07/2020 08:16

    Let her fucking beat him

  • Tsering W.
    26/06/2020 03:18

    Wah modi jee wah

  • Saim V.
    25/06/2020 17:54

    He is going to die. Help please

  • Hàrsh M.
    19/06/2020 08:52

    She belongs to Congress. Stop spreading Fake news you Anti-National channel.

  • Bikash S.
    17/06/2020 19:07

    Lagao kaan ke niche jhapad phir shoot karo video.

  • Arun D.
    16/06/2020 20:34

    Who is she looks very hot and sexy,even though she fully cover with Saree, now I know what it means, how to carry yourself

  • Angaraj B.
    16/06/2020 05:15

    Mob lyching report should be file against her also

  • Fizza H.
    16/06/2020 00:41

    No manners must sit at home and cook food only

  • Arnab R.
    15/06/2020 19:30

    Such illiterate leaders r more dangerous to our society than a pandemic

  • Vanisa N.
    15/06/2020 11:48

    I don't know who she is or what he supposedly said to her but lady, go take some anger management classes. She's like a grumpy toddler that needs a nap.

  • Mohan K.
    15/06/2020 10:43

    Good job by the lady Abusing a lady is wrong

  • Sunaina S.
    15/06/2020 00:32

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣Indian will stay Indian people AR dieing white hunger zo many rape its happen in India but they don't care

  • Sonam G.
    14/06/2020 22:06

    Wish I was there! Would’ve taken that same chappal and slapped her!

  • Zankruti P.
    14/06/2020 20:36

    This is disgusting. Education or no education: where the hell is discipline and understanding ?? Disagreeing to anything is understandable but crossing the line is absolutely ridiculous.

  • SuchithraMani
    14/06/2020 18:30


  • Rin R.
    14/06/2020 14:46

    Caste mentality is very much alive

  • Ravi S.
    14/06/2020 12:54

    If that is true, well done Sonali.

  • Bharat S.
    14/06/2020 04:48

    Respected gahr ki lady aisa nahi karti 😂

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