Gambhir Vs. Afridi On Kashmir

Shahid Afridi was in the headlines recently for criticising Narendra Modi’s Kashmir policy. Gautam Gambhir has hit back with this scathing remark. 😲😲

05/19/2020 1:07 PM
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  • Nandan K.
    6 days

    Fantastic 👍

  • Avinash S.
    05/25/2020 19:57

    Tell me him to play Ludo

  • Terry S.
    05/23/2020 15:51

    Afridi doesn’t care abuse Muslims in china or is this political

  • Shakir A.
    05/23/2020 13:27

    Unbelievable, a concerned human raises an issue about human rights being trampled, you dare give it a political twist..shame, who needs to grow up?

  • Rahi I.
    05/23/2020 07:12

    Kashmir Mai zulum horaha

  • Elina P.
    05/23/2020 06:54

    Akal naam ka chij h hie nahi bhai😆loda lashan ab kuj ni milega bc 🤣🤣

  • Teresa M.
    05/23/2020 04:17


  • Shafat A.
    05/23/2020 03:16

    Dog has to bark for master

  • Rinaa B.
    05/23/2020 01:32

    Who the hell is Afridi to talk about Kashmir.....why doesn't he show concern when his people are killed in the holy month of many killings just outside there respective house. Why doesn't he lash out at his Cricketer failed P.M who did nothing for Pakistan other than beg around an mortgage historically important monuments. Failed states people talking about progressive countries Shame...on them.... Afridi...go help out the poor an needy of ur country why dont u donate some for the pandemics of ur country....Get a job...get stop this nonsense.

  • Xaid I.
    05/22/2020 22:05

    Gautam bhadvabir with dead conscience

  • Ibrahim S.
    05/22/2020 15:31

    Put same question of Domicile act which is also come in during lockdown.. Indian politicians are worst.. I request good people living there to see the Reality before it is too late

  • Vipul P.
    05/22/2020 15:17

    truly said gambhir sir

  • Rajesh K.
    05/22/2020 10:48

    Well said. But Please wear the mask properly and cover your nose as it slipped down.

  • Ali H.
    05/22/2020 08:15

    Gambhir bhai apni tarif kyu kar raha haaa..

  • Subhadip K.
    05/22/2020 08:10

    'Jaise har Vivek Oberoy ke lie ek Salman khan hota hai' Waise har Afridi ke lie ek Gambhir bhi rehti hai...

  • Manoj M.
    05/22/2020 06:33

    Afridi filth must apologize my country and my PM

  • Shubham B.
    05/22/2020 00:15


  • Malik A.
    05/21/2020 20:32

    Pta nhi India k rishte ku kharab h sb neighbors se chahe woh Pakistan ho China ho Kashmir ho Nagaland ho yahan tak k nepal bhi india ko dhamkiyan dene laga aur jb America se rishta rakhne lage toh usne kuch time phle dhamkiyan de kisi davai k export pe jo india ne ban k this jiski export aur phr unki news channelen bolti h India ne itni taraki ke h k America ke madad krne laga🙏😂😂😂 Rhi baat Israel k jiske saath tumhare rishte h woh esi kom h jinko kisi bhi country ne jagah nhi de kyunki wo jis country me rhe usi m chhed kiye aur badi misal Palestine hai. Salon woh duniya k esi kom hai jinhone ne apni nasal bachane k liye apni behno aur yahan tk k apni sagi maon tk se sexual intercourse kiya for the purpose of reproduction. Lekin sahi h Your vibe attracts your tribe.

  • Pawan C.
    05/21/2020 18:45

    Birth of a new cricketer turned politician (S.Afridi), successor of Imran Khan. All the best for failing miserably.

  • Junnaid Z.
    05/21/2020 18:42

    Dog gambir