Guardians of the Sea

Mumbai's Beach Warriors are working tirelessly to keep the city's beaches clean after Ganesh Chaturthi. 🌊

26/09/2019 2:57 AM
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  • Kiran J.
    11/11/2019 08:21

    Disgusting thinking of people must be changed by awarring them doing pooja of idols fr immersing must stop .Its must to educate people that they're polluting nature's air created by GOD & GOD IS WITHIN OUR SOULS. How can humans destroy nature created by GOD . GOD is within every human , by polluting air GODS ARE SUFFERING WITHIN HUMANS WHY DON'T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND. IN OLDEN DAYS PEOPLE USE TO MAKE GANPATI OF SPICES ,VEGETABLES AS FOOD IS KNOWN AS ANNAPURNA DEVI . THEY USE TO DO POOJA & DISTRIBUTE SPICES VEGETABLES AS PRASHAD WHO USÈ TO CM FOR DARSHAN AFTER COMPLETE POOJA OF GANPATI .THERE WAS NO WASTAGE NO POLLUTION. MY Small kid hd gone fr bandra beach cleaning she was telling me she saw broken moorti of SAI BABA,she didn't feel comfortable felt bad how cn humans do that to mortis of poojniya Gods .These were the words of my kid .She picked up the moorti kept aside in right position her soul didn't permit her to put in dust bin .so every human must hv right thinking so that we may not face problems in cmg future. We are polluting our cmg generation future. Today every human is hvg health problems so its request don't pollute this nature created by GOD FOR SOULS SEND BY GOD ON THIS EARTH

  • Nihar P.
    06/10/2019 13:20


  • Ranga C.
    03/10/2019 04:42

    Man made gods

  • Sikandar A.
    01/10/2019 14:01

    “Na tasya pratima asti” “There is no image of God” It further says, “as He is unborn, He deserves our worship”. (Yajurveda 32:3)

  • Sonatan G.
    01/10/2019 10:17

    Jay shree ganesh

  • Jaabir P.
    30/09/2019 14:23

    These people are true warriors

  • Jalli S.
    30/09/2019 13:09

    ఏంట్రా మీ దేవుడు ముకాలేయిపోయాడు అతకాండ్ర బాబు

  • Tahir K.
    29/09/2019 22:57

  • Muhammad N.
    29/09/2019 10:56

    These idols cannot help themselves and some people worship them.

  • Sadhana R.
    29/09/2019 06:32

    Ye kya durdasha ho rahi hai prabhu ki moortiyon ki!! 😢😢😢prabhu, kshama karna!!🙏🙏🙏

  • Neerja K.
    29/09/2019 03:08

    Well done beach warriors. God bless you

  • Asma M.
    29/09/2019 03:06

    Cement factory?

  • Sangeeta G.
    28/09/2019 21:33

    Good job

  • Baqar K.
    28/09/2019 16:12

    Avoid plastic garland . Use eco friendly idols. Great initiative .

  • Thomas C.
    28/09/2019 11:21

    Ban this nonsense

  • Dip V.
    28/09/2019 08:55

    Grand slaem bro

  • Vagdevi R.
    28/09/2019 06:06

    Great job,may god bless u all

  • Sandeep K.
    27/09/2019 16:46

    Good job

  • かつもと も.
    27/09/2019 09:37

    Cleaning up after someone’s Sh!t is good job. Asking them to Sh!t in their own home is a better job. Making sure they do as directed is the best job.

  • RJ F.
    27/09/2019 06:37

    How non living thing be a god 🧐

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