Her Food-Eating Tips Provoked Many Indians

Etiquette coach Manik Kaur tried to teach Indians how to eat their roti, dal and rice. She told Brut about the reactions that followed….

29/01/2022 2:57 PM
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  • Esha M.
    18/03/2022 03:29

    I have seen Indian scientists eating chicken leg pieces with hand where other were eating "formally" in spoon and fork. I don't understand her word "formally". Does she want to imply if someone eats by spoon, it won't make a mess but by hand, it would ? Come and sit with me for a dine, I will show how one can eat in a very clean and non-messy way. I am Bengali and I dare her to eat Hilsa with spoon and fork without making an accident -_-

  • Abhishek G.
    07/02/2022 12:05

    Eating using your fingers is more hygienic ( as long as you have washed your hands right and you don't have long nails) as unlike the spoon, your fingers aren't used by others.

  • Deva P.
    04/02/2022 17:54

    We clean our food and healthy especially street foods 🤣

  • Anisha A.
    03/02/2022 19:05

    No offence please, but i feel comfortable eating Indian foods with my hands. Even In 5 star hotel I eat rice and mutton curry with my hands. So it's completely on the person how they feel.

  • Jigme B.
    03/02/2022 03:54

    The level of content has gone to and the follow up of justification is hilarious.

  • Hameem S.
    02/02/2022 19:30

    I think she aimee western audience

  • Eshwar R.
    02/02/2022 10:19

    She is actually reading a script 😂 Pehle ye bina script ke bolna Sikh lete phir khane pe advise dete 😂😂

  • Bharti V.
    02/02/2022 08:02

    Hann hun ena ta sikho roti khani. 😃

  • Myan E.
    01/02/2022 20:36

    Superficial B

  • Ssabnamm I.
    01/02/2022 17:12

    I need a tutorial on breathing.

  • Gurpreet D.
    01/02/2022 13:40

    Agree with her fully, people are adding so mu h negativity, she isn't wrong anywhere. If you want to learn etiquette- watch otherwise just dont. I am guessing most people dont care about etiquette- those commenting at least. Love her comment about people here are adding toxic comments by telling her that she is toxic haha!

  • Ma L.
    01/02/2022 13:13

    Please whoever you are, just see the postive comments and be positive. Be healthy!

  • Siddharth B.
    01/02/2022 11:11

    Have she heard about freedom of living? Indians dont eat food to impress others... I mean food is food... Now is it new course on Byjus on how to eat ya food for Rs 1999 a year?

  • Taman P.
    01/02/2022 09:39

    Right way to eat ... What's that?? ...

  • Imran H.
    01/02/2022 07:12

    Teaching to eat who is using left hand to eat!

  • Subhas M.
    01/02/2022 07:00

    Just find a real job already, stop with this bullshit.

  • Saurabh P.
    01/02/2022 05:11

    Madaam ki vaat lga daali,,,,,,,ise kehte hai galat samay par galat video post krna.....haa vaise aurat hai ise samjaaye bhi kaun....😜😂😜😂😜

  • Nishant A.
    01/02/2022 04:57

    Meh. I don't mind the videos. Can be useful in formal settings like weddings or five star hotels, foreign countries where they host Indian contingent and serve Indian food. I don't understand the and hatred. If your culture allows different etiquette then you follow that. If somebody wants to change/evolve then let them. Why would someone be so insecure that they would find lessons online and then call the teacher classist for not being the same as them. She didn't say it was the only way.

  • Pramod K.
    01/02/2022 04:17

    Tomorrow she will teach how Indian should use washroom 😂😂

  • Manju B.
    01/02/2022 01:31

    It is scientifically proven that rice & daal should be eaten with fingers only ,,, not with spoon& fork !!!!!please don’t tell us how to eat our food ! Madam u can’t eat bhatura with fork 😁

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