Hockey Star Vandana Katariya's Family Alleges Casteist Abuse

Hockey player Vandana Katariya should have been enjoying her team making history at the Olympics. Instead, she had to deal with casteist slurs aimed at her family...

06/08/2021 4:27 PM
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  • Singh S.
    10/08/2021 03:35

    This all drama behind rss and bjp

  • Gangadhar S.
    09/08/2021 18:40

    Practicing castism a great curse and stigma to Indian society, it is mirror image of evil and meanmindset of preavaling society higher caste never she'd their feudal mind set lower caste mind always shows timidity despite of merit or having good performare in any event, no policies or political will uphold their esteem, there is no much difference between racism or castism, no derth of lipsimpthy towards lowercaste in this country funny thing we simply pass on the buck, such incidents are totally inhuman whom to blame?

  • Pritam M.
    09/08/2021 16:55

    The day we stop writing our caste in any application for a seat in educational institutions and for any job, we can tide over this cancer that is plaguing our society.

  • Tanvi M.
    09/08/2021 16:28

    Aur aise logo ko reservation aur sc/st act khtm krni h 🤬🤬

  • Guna P.
    09/08/2021 11:02

    Human jealousy and I think these people is impotent and don't believe on their own capability.

  • Guna P.
    09/08/2021 11:01

    Such a shame and always looking for caste that never exist.which god told you there is a caste.

  • Daya R.
    09/08/2021 04:05

    That's why our country can never succeed in world's top most developed countries because of majority of population have very cheap mostly people judge the success or lose by anyone's cast.if anyone belongs from upper cast ,he/she can win or get successful but if he / she belongs to lower cast it's means he/she is loser and can't get success.very cheap mentality of majority of Indians.shame on u

  • Nagul S.
    09/08/2021 03:28

    Once Indian always an Indian!! Stupids

  • Vilakshan J.
    09/08/2021 01:57

    With all the bluster of equality in Indian society we, Indians, devolve rapidly into our most fundamental bigotry! Truly sad!

  • Thivya N.
    08/08/2021 21:14

    What a shame

  • Siyad A.
    08/08/2021 17:09

    Useless indians are living in india now..

  • Lenhring R.
    08/08/2021 16:01

    As long as each n every parent in India STOP teaching their kids to carry on the caste system it won't stop it Will be here to stay forever. I'd blame the Indian parents. They are the real culprits.

  • Sanjay C.
    08/08/2021 13:45

    Shameful act

  • Rupinder K.
    08/08/2021 03:52

    Wht else can b expected from such.

  • Fishy G.
    07/08/2021 18:20

    Let us see what the PM does about it 🧐

  • Mike W.
    07/08/2021 17:54

    This is sad, and so backwards. I hope those responsible are punished. And congratulations to Vandana and her teammates!! Well done

  • Mahmood A.
    07/08/2021 17:31

    Please note that bringing differences between communities is training the mind to focus on differences causing huge imbalances, unnaturally. This pattern has to show up in many ways......and one such way is like this. These guys are mischief-mongers, murderers, lynchers, criminals who have to land up in some families as sons-in-law, employees in organizations, and other roles in society..... They are a menace to society. Our leaders are deliberately creating this pandemic in India.

  • Anita J.
    07/08/2021 17:09

    This is false news. It was family issue and they both are from same caste. Stay updated

  • Moin B.
    07/08/2021 14:29


  • Purusothama N.
    07/08/2021 13:51


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