• Gamlw B.
    21/04/2021 14:49

    Salute to the Womanhood!

  • Kamalika B.
    29/10/2020 10:26

    Irresponsible behavior

  • Amrita T.
    20/10/2020 04:30

    I really wish for a dislike button for this post.

  • Binodini B.
    18/10/2020 09:52

    U r setting a very wrong example lady.

  • Midhun D.
    18/10/2020 07:34

    Pathetic publicity stunt..!! She has an army of servants and caretakers to take care of her and her family.. thats not the case with 99% of Indian women who has to cook, clean and take care of their families.. Now because of such publicity mongers, many employers in the country will be forcing female employees to get bak to work immediately after delivery..!!

  • Ravinder S.
    18/10/2020 04:13

    This called show baazi karne

  • Razia S.
    18/10/2020 03:17

    She is doing sitting job everyone not have same job like her think the girls who worked in retail 8hr standing job hw they manage appreciated but not good exmple

  • Gouse C.
    18/10/2020 02:49

    At least have a crib to baby

  • Lisa M.
    17/10/2020 08:01

    It's gud to see tht social media taking initiative to promote a gud example to society but every time people react in a positive way ... Thts not possible... Sometime it get backfired... And this updation is one of them... First sitting on a chair n holding a new born baby in this pendamic situation ( oh boy🙄) not a gud example .. second again sitting on a chair n holding a new born baby... I wondered how many working ladies do have tht kind of opportunity.. One of my friends wife she is a air hostess n recently blessed with a baby... I really can't imagine how it would be to see a air hostess giving instructions while holding a baby.. doesn't make sence does it?? So why this kind of updation???

  • Shimpi G.
    16/10/2020 20:13

    Why we always find negative in every action. It her decision to come back on her duty , so respect it.

  • Javeed P.
    16/10/2020 16:07

    This new mother also stepped up to her line of duty, with

  • Lipika C.
    16/10/2020 15:26

    This is unprofessional... Publicity stunt....

  • Vijay P.
    16/10/2020 13:55

    I don't think so your decision is right. Your baby is yr first priority. Atlist 1to 2months

  • Jaideep M.
    16/10/2020 10:59

    Not good for her personal health, josh mei hosh nahi khone chahiye, it is the time recommended for regaining health and also to give nutrition and development to the new born, she is risking new born baby in this pandemic, don’t know what people do to stay in limelight.

  • Deepak K.
    16/10/2020 08:55

    व्यवस्था की खामी को हम भावनाओंं से ढक महानता खोज निकालते हैं.. असल मुद्दा, मुद्दा ही न बन पाता है!!

  • Aditi M.
    16/10/2020 08:02

    ❤️ Kudos to you ma'am! The choice you made may inspire the people inside the administration to look upto you for your dedication. We all can make a difference and a contribution for fighting the pandemic where we are at present. I understand the reason of your happiness😊 being able to take your responsibility towards our society as an officer as well as a mother simultaneously! You are trying to take care of both! It is indeed a difficult decision to make, still I would hope you succeed in your journey of life! Stay safe and do take care of yourself! All the best👍

  • Sushant G.
    16/10/2020 06:26

    Just for the sake of publicity she is exposing newborn to such a risk in these times. If she is so eager to work, she can work from home..

  • Seema S.
    16/10/2020 04:58

    Better to stay home and take care of the baby and herself too.

  • Heisenberg
    16/10/2020 03:45


  • Vj J.
    16/10/2020 02:41

    Publicity stunt

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