IMA Signals Covid-19 Community Transmission In India

The Health Ministry insists there is no Covid-19 community transmission in India. But the Indian Medical Association thinks otherwise.

20/07/2020 1:27 PM
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  • Shahid M.
    21/07/2020 17:52

    Madari modi hatao desh bachao modi say kay mujhay dhakka kis nay mara hahaha

  • Raja G.
    21/07/2020 04:14

    Why there is differences in statement? Please clarify? What is wrong with the Govt. & IMA that they are giving two different statement at this juncture?

  • Aminah A.
    20/07/2020 23:07

    Hahaha what a joke

  • Rocky B.
    20/07/2020 22:43

    Thanks to source one, but please dont blame cause they are peacefools and believe all other(non-beleivers) as Khafirs

  • Rebu K.
    20/07/2020 17:27

    Maybe the ministry feels that if they deny the problem long enough, it will go away on its own.

  • Jijo J.
    20/07/2020 17:04

    Health ministry ne bola hai nai matlab nai tum kaun ho IMR wale.. sab ke sab anti-nationals..

  • Nasreen S.
    20/07/2020 16:53

    Authorities should first of all accept there is community transmission to take strict preventive measures...

  • Roxane N.
    20/07/2020 16:08

    Of course there is. Why would India be different than other places

  • Sohail D.
    20/07/2020 15:29

    Health ministry kuch bi

  • Prithi R.
    20/07/2020 14:53

    GOI said that there is community transmission in India but it is limited to certain regions only.This topic is controversial as we cannot say the whole of India is in community transmission stage.

  • Rahim M.
    20/07/2020 14:49

    Bhakts will now declare IMA as Anti National

  • Herminio M.
    20/07/2020 14:28

    A foolish man despises wisdom.

  • Medha J.
    20/07/2020 14:28

    Boss brut they have taken back their statement now.... Indian Medical Association rubbishes reports of community transmission of COVID-19 Source : "Zee News" via Dailyhunt Download Now

  • Tushar D.
    20/07/2020 14:24

    Where spread of Covid 19 is concerned , the Govt., is like three monkeys , ' can't see , can't hear and can't speak ' till the PM specifically permits one to speak or the Govt.'s total failure will be exposed for everyone to see.

  • Brut India
    20/07/2020 14:14

    What the IMA said about the rise of cases in India:

  • Musheer U.
    20/07/2020 14:06

    This Has Become A Norm Now With Government In India To Hide It's Weakness And Misgovernance

  • Pankaj K.
    20/07/2020 14:02

    Similarly in my city which is 60km away from Goa and 500km from Mumbai last night there are three positive swabs who don’t have any travel history they are locals. Government officials hasn’t declared but it’s a clear picture of community transmission. Central government busy in horse trending

  • Abhayram C.
    20/07/2020 13:49

    It's fact and we have to go for another lockdown to control this. Else disaster is coming..

  • Raabeya S.
    20/07/2020 13:45

    With negligible testing going on across states like Bihar,UP,WB the governmemt is fooling people with a false sense of security. Its pathetic! The chief minister of Bihar is sleeping and the people are dying! God save us!

  • Ramesh V.
    20/07/2020 13:39

    IMA is right ...

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