• Apoorv J.
    30/12/2021 16:29

    Do biryani lovers know this about their biryani? https://youtu.be/OVrozXwEuMM

  • Selvi S.
    26/12/2021 06:33

    Yes this could be true... it is high time we realised how true this is and try to change it. Why? Because any meat involves horrible Cruelty of a lifetime of slavery in constricted spaces and then inhuman slaughtering by slashing the throat of the sentient intelligent animal hanging by their leg. Before putting the biriyani into our mouth, maybe as human beings who have some thinking capacity we can ponder this for a moment. Will we allow ourselves to hang by our neck and our throats be slashed? Let's stop using all animal products, and become more human.

  • Prashant K.
    26/12/2021 06:28

    Biriyani is the most overrated food in India , too much oil and masala unless you make it at home If you eat it out regularly you will become a sumo wrestler

  • Darshana M.
    26/12/2021 05:45

    Biryani is really delicious. It's even more delicious when there's no animal suffering involved. Make it with Vegetarian Bytes and you'll find out how light it is on the digestive system too!

  • Payal C.
    24/12/2021 18:54

    How would I have survived without this data!! My goodness 😜next I want to know which states poop more!

  • Permanent A.
    24/12/2021 15:38

    My contribution 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Wasim S.
    24/12/2021 13:06

    Biryani JIHAD 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gautam M.
    24/12/2021 06:26

    Biryani is just 💕💕

  • Madhuri G.
    24/12/2021 04:34


  • Prithu S.
    23/12/2021 21:32

    you seriously need proof of that? 😜

  • Hyder A.
    23/12/2021 13:04

    Hyderabadi Biryani is no 1

  • Rohit K.
    23/12/2021 12:24

    Biryani bechanewale bhi yahi hai.. Aur channel chalane bhi yahi hai.. Isliye apne paise apne logo ke paas hi jaana chahiye...

  • Anwer P.
    23/12/2021 10:21

    Beef biryani is the best

  • Oindrila T.
    23/12/2021 10:10

    Biriyani is an extremely budget friendly food which can fulfill ur hunger & feed a lot of people. We Indians like to spend our money in food which fills stomach instead of buying food to just get likes on Instagram.

  • Abina A.
    23/12/2021 07:58

    Wow... Amazing use of statistics...Heights of joblessness...

  • Aniket G.
    23/12/2021 07:34

    I stared this trend

  • Alisha A.
    23/12/2021 06:57

    a lot of your contribution in this 😂

  • Faizan H.
    23/12/2021 06:11

    Biryani < nihari

  • Kashif U.
    23/12/2021 06:02

    KaWwa Biryani 😂

  • Das M.
    23/12/2021 05:49

    Mohammad Asif

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