India's Hill States Are Reliving Flood Nightmares

Landslides, cloudbursts, glacier bursts, flash floods. Are India's hill states showing signs of a bigger climate crisis? 🤯 TW: Some distressing visuals.

27/10/2021 10:56 AMupdated: 27/10/2021 10:57 AM
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  • Bharat N.
    31/10/2021 05:52


  • Irfan M.
    29/10/2021 23:16

    Is ka Hal kia hy

  • Nony N.
    29/10/2021 12:05

    Climate change is chanted and witnessed by whole world. But no one is serious. Our next generations will not keep us remember in goods words.

  • Delisser N.
    29/10/2021 02:29

    The so-called leaders can’t they do something where are they now

  • Jobin A.
    28/10/2021 17:34

    Where is Kerala in these videos?

  • MV R.
    28/10/2021 13:33

    Only in Bharat ? See what's happening in most advanced countries allso.

  • Darinka M.
    28/10/2021 11:52

    Mother Earth is reclaiming herself and re arranging her structures

  • Anol N.
    28/10/2021 04:22

    We seem oblivious to hydroelectric power projects that include tunnelling deep into the mountains with extensive use of explosives. Of course all this is certified to be safe!

  • Mansingh S.
    28/10/2021 02:14

    Vatican United with UN and US will make every country stop all kinds of work on sunday to cut off any pollution emitted by leaving businesses open . Sunday will be the day off for the whole world pledging allegiance to their Sun god !

  • Mansingh S.
    28/10/2021 02:12

    Climate change is a bunch of crap . We are living in the last days . Better we make peace with God before our opportunity of repentance is lost

  • Shaik M.
    27/10/2021 20:59

    These effects of climate change severely affecting the northern states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh must be prioritised as a ‘MATTER OF URGENT PUBLIC IMPORTANCE’ to be discussed in the Parliament of India and safety guidelines must and should be taken to protect the lives of the people with respect to the National Disaster Management Act, 2005

  • Kashyap H.
    27/10/2021 18:46

    same with western world too ...even china is devastated. why only show up uttarakhand ⁉️ 140 crore + 200 crore of ind china , easterm hemis enfolds more than HALF the population of the world ❗❗❗❗❗ ab marNa hiii haiii...however whatever may the names you give... its towards Dooms day , fast.

  • Dinkar K.
    27/10/2021 17:02

    The people are to blame for it: unchecked construction, population and deforestation combined with global warming is the cause of these (artificial) calamities.

  • Neerja A.
    27/10/2021 16:09

    This is so true..

  • Hayath B.
    27/10/2021 13:27

    It's important government along with scientist and engineers should study the situation, clearly analyze the issues and work on plan to mitigate the flood situation...long term solutions are required to avoid losses in future...

  • Mahmudur R.
    27/10/2021 13:07

    Deforestation/urbanization play very deadly role to distort ecological balances. Horrible & horrific.

  • کریٹو ک.
    27/10/2021 12:44

    Ok what should i say now? They deserve it.. as india has captured all pakistan's water resources illegaly.. Niw taste water

  • Prakash S.
    27/10/2021 12:37

    Wrong caption : It's human behaviour change. We should understand before blaming.

  • Gayatri V.
    27/10/2021 12:25

    "DREAM PROJECTS" ki keemat chuka rahe 😏☹️

  • Jose W.
    27/10/2021 12:15

    When it is happening in Uttarakhand it is because of Landslides, cloudbursts, glacier bursts, flash floods and climate change if it is in kerala it is because of Lord Ayyapa's curse, that is what modern Indian uneducated so called scientist say.

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