• Maria T.
    01/03/2020 03:26

    HERMOSO Animal. ..

  • Lisdiyanto C.
    01/03/2020 03:16

    fuck india

  • Syed A.
    01/03/2020 02:15

    beautiful cheeta

  • Muhammad Z.
    01/03/2020 01:02

    Agreed! Let the cheetah eat the Hindus who killed & hurt the Indian Muslim!

  • Delia V.
    01/03/2020 01:02

    Es increíble vuela me encanta

  • Oscar V.
    01/03/2020 00:59

    La maldad es patrimonio únicamente del humano.

  • Jm B.
    01/03/2020 00:50

    I think cheetah's are more safer in Africa because they can run and hunt freely without shooting them. Don't bring them back in India. Because they over populated and even struggling for conservation of other big cat's. They just going to suffer

  • Meli M.
    29/02/2020 23:51

    Due to the endangered animal species a pandemic like Coronavirus is needed. Because of human selfishness we are destroying animal habitats.

  • Salman M.
    29/02/2020 22:38

    Very sad and discriminatiory behaviour human are killed by hindus and animal are priority for supreme court wtf it is

  • Huccet K.
    29/02/2020 21:42

    Leave them along

  • Khalid F.
    29/02/2020 21:22

    Very Fasting Animal over the world Awesome

  • Vera M.
    29/02/2020 20:30

    Muito lindos...

  • Click T.
    29/02/2020 19:58

    Q lindos felinos!!!

  • Constantine C.
    29/02/2020 19:55

    Botswana is selling them 250000 per head ,only 10 avail for sale

  • Ahmed S.
    29/02/2020 19:15

    humans in india are going towards extinction soon... modi is working really hard for that!!!

  • Lisbeth D.
    29/02/2020 19:02

    Dios no a la matanza de estos hermosos animsles... Si estan en la tierra es porqué Dios sabía el porqué de su existencia... Porqué? Y con que derecho el hombre lo extermina... Es una cruelda... Me gusta su especie....

  • رشيد غ.
    29/02/2020 18:59

    الهم النصر إخواننا المسلمين في الهند

  • Beatriz B.
    29/02/2020 18:44

    Son tan bellos!!!

  • Mamito M.
    29/02/2020 15:17


  • Antonio A.
    29/02/2020 14:21

    Q cruel el ser el ser humano son animales d la naturaleza lo ponemo como esclavos y lo matamos por gusto

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