Indian Stuck In Saudi Arabia Asks Government For Help

"Please help me." This Indian man shared his painful story with News18, highlighting an all too familiar tale of migrant labour exploitation in Saudi Arabia.

06/04/2018 10:26 AM
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  • Aditya P.
    07/03/2018 08:37

    what do you expect if you want to do a job in a islamic country :p

  • Shaikh M.
    07/03/2018 06:18

    Garbage It's a trap

  • Ganesh J.
    07/02/2018 13:01

    Where is the Ami jaan ami jan

  • Govind R.
    07/02/2018 12:30

    see this

  • Georgina D.
    07/02/2018 10:23

    Plz contact the Indian embassy

  • Shasvat R.
    07/02/2018 08:38


  • Abubakr A.
    07/01/2018 14:42


  • Abubakr A.
    07/01/2018 14:40

    Mother fuckers are sell u for two lakh fuck him when u come back

  • Ashish R.
    07/01/2018 09:09

    cruel Arabs

  • Irfan B.
    07/01/2018 07:35

    Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia is the most weakest of the all and this torture continues with the support if Indian embassy. Even if someone files a complaint they take no action

  • Vijay F.
    07/01/2018 03:39

    That is the fact of muslim country

  • Ranjeeth K.
    06/30/2018 20:54

    why ?

  • Raiyan K.
    06/30/2018 19:13

    Bhii maxium ka sat asahe horaha h mera uncle ko 6 mont sa salary nahe dea h wo saudi ka us company m 10 year job kea h kise ko paisa nahe dea h last ma unho n wo compny chor de fir be un k 6 month ka paisa abi tak nahe dea h wo khali hat india a be nahe sakty us compny ka maximum emloy chor dea h us company p case kea h fir be wo abi tak pasia nahe dea h khana be maha bakwas dea ta h

  • Saiyyad N.
    06/30/2018 18:30

    Aaj agr bharat me berojgari nhi hoti to in logo ko apna parivar chodkr videsho me jana nhi pdhta .....

  • Shiwam B.
    06/30/2018 18:18


  • Sunny T.
    06/30/2018 18:16

    Don't worry brother. Hindus are treated like slaves in islamic countries. It is a islamic law. If govt dont help you ,convert into muslim to save your life. Then come back to india.

  • Sheikh S.
    06/30/2018 15:40

    Qaisar bhai mat jao

  • Asif M.
    06/30/2018 12:38

    Vikhar live in Dammam so help him

  • Prashant K.
    06/30/2018 10:13

    Sushma Swaraj pls help

  • Showkat H.
    06/30/2018 09:09

    Saudi Najdi Donkeys can do this to common people.they r not kind to common people.