• Jaswant S.
    11/12/2021 02:00

    Howedy Home chankya both became grocery and gun merchants. For gun purchase and for gun selling as D.minister himself admitted. This factory of guns is not for jobs but aim is to supply to countries of vested intrest and creat terror. We started with 303 and now give 203Ak riffles for mass murder guns are never for peace. Bale bale Tamancha techno. To putin techg. World mein sub theek hai.aanda rs6.where is 5 trillion dollar ecnomy and 2 crore jobs. Vada mandar put in back yard.big cricket stadium is gaddar stadium. Bob. I will go to moscow bolo jai hind. This time iwill not walk during jun gun maan. Cha chowekidar chor is from gujarat. Bale bale kissan. 1000 salutes.

  • Brut India
    09/12/2021 17:37

    While inequality has increased within most countries, over the past two decades, global inequalities between countries have declined. The gap between the average incomes of the richest 10% of countries and the average incomes of the poorest 50% of countries dropped from around 50x to a little less than 40x. More about the finding from this report: https://m.economictimes.com/news/economy/indicators/india-among-the-most-unequal-countries-with-an-affluent-elite-report/articleshow/88154715.cms

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