Inside India's Inequality Crisis

While the majority of Indians saw their incomes decline amid the pandemic, the rich grew richer. Here are some staggering details from Oxfam's inequality report...

19/01/2022 4:16 PM
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  • Er M.
    26/01/2022 15:37

    How cheap media you are... Why govt of India not banning you yet????

  • Nikhil A.
    26/01/2022 14:44

    Fking capatalist system Indian democracy constitution socialist hai iske bund bund me but gov jabardasti privatize aur capatalist india ko bhi banana chah rehi hai 😒

  • Diptasurya B.
    26/01/2022 14:24

    Ye Achhe din ka kamal hay

  • Sanjay K.
    26/01/2022 08:03

    ये दुनिया नहीं जागीर किसीकी

  • Maulik S.
    26/01/2022 07:51

    There we go!! The communists are back to hounding the hardworking and successful because they can't stomach their own inadequacy and incompetence!

  • Sahhasra S.
    25/01/2022 15:23

    Just failures of the political parties leaders government of BJP NDA Modi Shah rajnath Singh etc resulted in business tycoons became richer than docoits looters thiefs political parties leaders government of BJP NDA Modi Shah rajnath Singh etc

  • Mayank R.
    25/01/2022 11:35

    Haa to Isme in Dono ki kya Galti

  • Harshit K.
    25/01/2022 11:22

    Tuesday Gyaan

  • Saif K.
    25/01/2022 09:58

    20 cr every hour Then how 800 crore everyday 🤔

  • Krish G.
    25/01/2022 06:32

    The unrepearable gap between have got and have not in present Indian society is very much worrisom,it could fuel a horrible classwar in massive Hindustan.

  • Parveen K.
    25/01/2022 04:28

    Aby jahilo apna ghar apna paisa de do fir roo kiyo rahe ho chor Rahul Gandhi apna paisa de soniya gandhi apna paisa de Per ye too chor congress ke hai gaddar aatankwadi congressi chor

  • Vijay K.
    25/01/2022 01:37

    You are just showing their networth & what all they can do with that, what about the debts they are having. If they start doing the services mentioned by you guys whether BRUT is going to pay their debt?

  • Hasnain I.
    25/01/2022 00:43

    The hinduvta pundits getting money from ambani and adani and manipulating the mind of innocent indians for religious extremism. Indians should rise now!!

  • Sai T.
    24/01/2022 18:19

    Even if we grab wealth from the rich and distribute it to the poor, it will come back again to the rich. Harsh! But, truth.

  • Muzamil H.
    24/01/2022 17:07

    True story behind the scene

  • Rajendra U.
    24/01/2022 16:49

    Feku ne barbad kar, hatao Feku ko

  • Pradip S.
    24/01/2022 15:45

    Same is also in China USA

  • Mobarak F.
    24/01/2022 12:59

    Be positive they are creating Job opportunities as well. What r u motivating for?

  • Banibrata P.
    24/01/2022 11:25

    No one talks of population....

  • Hochi K.
    24/01/2022 07:23

    D k shivakumar congress MLA from Karnataka is worth 21000 crores and. Gotta author??

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