• Lalita M.
    10/11/2020 20:03

    God bless you

  • Selwin P.
    12/08/2020 20:37

    Thank U Sir... MODI is a curse to the whole of the Indian Civilisation, just at this juncture in human history that favours 'indians' dominance in world politics as evident in the People In Power fr Scandinavian countries right up to the Papuan Island. Only in the Indian Motherland how ever can 1 see clearly how the people of the land being abused, manipulated & slaved by the very own people who're hired by the people for well-being of all........but again, why are so many people choosing to be slaves, is anybody's guess.

  • Amitraj S.
    13/07/2020 17:04

    You are in hell

  • Suri K.
    01/07/2020 01:16


  • Parakram B.
    30/06/2020 19:44

    It wont work dear Jackie..

  • Sagar S.
    28/06/2020 08:57

    My dog"s name is Jackie

  • Kuldeep S.
    27/06/2020 16:42

    Love you

  • Râjêsh M.
    27/06/2020 07:18

    Boycott china among actor

  • Rohit S.
    26/06/2020 18:22

    You are also a product of this Corona Nation...A menace to the whole world...hence I promised myself not to spend a single penny on chinese items and on item like you acting in any movie in future !

  • Hyder A.
    26/06/2020 15:04

    Certainly we greatly love and respect 💕Mr. the Great action film legend 🙏 he is from and its not 100% part of

  • Anu E.
    25/06/2020 04:03

    We love Jackie Chan but I am sorry China has gone way too far this time it’s WORLD VS CHINA...Good luck

  • Shankar A.
    23/06/2020 14:34

    It's great to hear from you sir... And I can promise that we are not against the Chinese people but the CCP has always threatened peaceful neighbours like a bully... And its time for bully beat down..

  • Trinadh P.
    23/06/2020 12:44

    How much you do now doesn't change anything Mr .Chan.. Why don't you ask your coummy govt to tell world about thier Innovation of new virus

  • Akshay A.
    23/06/2020 10:20

    ते तेवढ पाल झुरळी वटवाघळी खाऊ देऊ नका तुमच्या लोकांना ।

  • Kanika S.
    22/06/2020 15:21

    Love you sir..with huge respects

  • Ben D.
    21/06/2020 03:07

    What the hell is this who give a damn about it. So clever this Chinese ... Now ...

  • Vish R.
    19/06/2020 20:59

    You great sir, not your country,

  • Son J.
    18/06/2020 23:45

    My childhood Hero

  • Preshita K.
    18/06/2020 12:30

    Please give same advice to your country...India doesn't need it

  • Rajesh S.
    18/06/2020 11:16

    We love you but not xing ping

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