Kafeel Khan Still Can't Help Covid Patients

As Indian hospitals struggle with oxygen supplies during the second wave of the pandemic, the story of Kafeel Khan, the hero of Gorakhpur's 2017 oxygen tragedy, is a cautionary tale.

29/04/2021 6:57 AM
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  • Sadique K.
    10 hours

    Simply he is paying the price first being a Muslim and second how can he be a doctor is a regime where they think to reinstate the Varna system. Muslims stands nowhere in this system.

  • Drkafeelkhan
    12 hours

    डॉक्टर कफ़ील खान मिशन स्माइल फ़ाउंडेशन @KafeelSmile के अंतर्गत d के प्रयास से गाँवों में कोरोना से बचने के उपाय बताए जा रहे ,मास्क , साबुन, दवाओं का मुफ़्त वितरण ,जाँच कर प्राथमिक उपचार तथा टीकाकरण के लिए जागरूक किया जा रहा । आप भी इस जागरूकता कार्यक्रम में हमारे साथ जुड़ सकते है नीचे दिए लिंक में साइन अप करके 🙏 #DoctorsOnRoad Can join here in volunteering link 👇

  • Nishat P.
    20 hours

    Dr. Kafeel is a real HERO

  • Anootosh S.
    2 days

    The yogi Adityanath govt is largely a criminal organization just like the Mamta govt in WB Dr. Khan must get justice. These govts have ruled out human life as an aspect just to stay in power. Unfortunately, we don't have a strong opposition yet, Congress being run by the most incapable and unworthy dynasty of the Gandhis has been reduced to too little of its name. The Gandhis must resign from the Congress so that a worthy and capable leader can take charge of the party and fight this Cold Central govt. in the parliament.

  • Patan K.
    2 days

    All yogis get corona soon, if doctors won’t work

  • Sk S.
    3 days

    Salute sir

  • Areena A.
    3 days

    We love you Dr. Kafeel. Stay blessed!

  • Sanjay A.
    3 days

    All praise for this doctor

  • Zubi K.
    3 days

    So sad indian Muslims suffering from this

  • Saima Q.
    3 days

    Shame on UP chief minister

  • Badhusha P.
    4 days

    This is India...

  • Seema B.
    4 days

    Doc these people don't deserve u where were these people when u was behind bar but hatts off your lagecy.🙏

  • Drkafeelkhan
    4 days

    आप भी इस जागरूकता कार्यक्रम में हमारे साथ जुड़ सकते है नीचे दिए लिंक में साइन अप करके 🙏d Can join here in volunteering link 👇

  • Parvez A.
    5 days

    He was the very first one to highlight oxygen shortage in UP many who blamed him and accused of theft are below the ground So be humble and speak the truth Every soul shall taste the death atleast don't discriminate ppl even after knowing facts

  • Farukh S.
    5 days

    Thats shame for us!!!that bad time we dont stand for this man !!

  • DrTanu S.
    6 days

    If writing here can help you I can write hundred of messages. Sad reality. Government abhi bhi religion se upar uth kar nahi soch pa rahi. I have seen people collapsing but no one can do anything as their is extreme shortage of staff. Most SN are positive and they too need rest. 1 crore bed bhi kyu na laga lo. Agar enough doctor and staff nahi hai then pt will suffer. Shame on this "SYSTEM" not allowing such a noble doctor to do what he knows best.

  • Moses F.
    6 days

    Yogi sir now u need dedicated doctors. Hope he has some brains left. Sickening fellow

  • Pankaj S.
    6 days

    He should remain suspended due to his anti national activities.

  • Usman G.
    6 days

    khuda k keharsay daroo let him continue his job

  • Mirza M.
    6 days

    Once he warned but no one cares instead of rewarding they put him behind the bars

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