Leopards, Terrifying Predator In Cities, May Be Saving Lives

Hold on, could leopards actually be saving lives in India?

03/22/2018 2:00 PM
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  • Rahul S.
    03/22/2018 14:11

    They took blood sample from each dog !!!! And kill those who are infected with rabies Thanks leopards you are our saviour😭✌✌

  • Harshit K.
    03/22/2018 14:21

    They are just blaming dogs. Any animal can cause rabbis when they bite any person. Even cats and rats cause rabbis. They just wanna raise hatered for the stray dogs in human society. Stray dogs too have the right to live don't be apathy to stray dogs, don't hurt them without reason.

  • Dayanand P.
    03/22/2018 14:28


  • Tasleem A.
    03/22/2018 14:36


  • Farzain N.
    03/22/2018 14:42

    Using an animal to kill another animal for the sake of an ugly living creature,seems legit af Reedhima S Kandhari

  • Vigneshwar V.
    03/22/2018 14:45

    Humans are more dangerous. Guess this time the editors of Brut are bunch of Jacks. 👍(up urs)

  • Vigneshwar V.
    03/22/2018 14:46

    Take vehicle accidents you piece of shit editor of Brut

  • Suraj V.
    03/22/2018 14:56

    I wish the leopards killed these jerk researchers from queensland.

  • Satvik U.
    03/22/2018 15:01

    find me someone gud

  • Rovino K.
    03/22/2018 15:03

    How can they do this to stray dogs🙁🙁🙁 rabies r cause by many other animals too😣simply don't blame the dogs and not all stray dogs hv rabies 😤😤😤

  • Booi M.
    03/22/2018 15:08

    And Indian are waiting for other countries’ University to come and study/research so that they can watch videos on Facebook.

  • Anwin A.
    03/22/2018 15:10

    Ha ha ha Terrorists are actually helping our earth by reducing population

  • Ankur B.
    03/22/2018 15:11

    Admin is high on greens! 😂

  • Riicho T.
    03/22/2018 15:13

    This is REALLY stretching it !

  • Kevin A.
    03/22/2018 15:14

    This is like saying 1 out of 10 people is a serial killer so genocide is saving lives .

  • Aling K.
    03/22/2018 15:16

    Dick heads...

  • Amish J.
    03/22/2018 15:23

    That music gave me cancer

  • Yashul D.
    03/22/2018 15:24

    Leopards killing stray dogs is very common, its a delicacy, just like butter chicken is to humans. This is among the very first steps of a leopard becoming a maneater, these stray dogs are actually the guards of that area, they show great courage when a leopard is in vicinity. People enjoy that rabies is controlled by these killings, but actually people are doomed. Eventually the leopard will come back for the puny humans who dont have claws or canine teeth and can run as fast as a tortoise.

  • Siddharth S.
    03/22/2018 15:34


  • Tejashri A.
    03/22/2018 15:41

    What rubbish