• Anu S.
    05/14/2020 18:07


  • Praveen S.
    05/14/2020 14:02

    North Indians please ganga mein haghna bandh karo.

  • Jithu
    05/14/2020 02:51

    Plz maintain it.. see how pure the river is.. and how dirty the people are..

  • Harika A.
    05/13/2020 07:53

    Charge fines if they dump anything again in it

  • Apparao M.
    05/09/2020 04:08

    Nature self complaints our life style very very dirty and Spoilt cilulture!

  • Leanne S.
    05/08/2020 09:18

    Don't shit and piss in it any more. Just sit and admire the views.

  • Raju K.
    05/07/2020 17:02

    Bhaiyo behno aap se hath jod kar veenti hi maa ganga ko isitarah saf rakhe ful mala foto ityadi vastu na dale

  • Jeremiah A.
    05/06/2020 08:05

    Along with this the government should take measures to avoid people from contaminating it

  • Pranshu D.
    05/04/2020 20:21

    Strict action must for those destroying the planet. Unacceptable how are we so "privileged" to act this way! STOP this madness especially after the lockdown

  • Paremiswary S.
    05/04/2020 11:48

    Thank Corona in certain ways , the waters in India looks very clean and fit for consumption

  • Ppaw H.
    05/04/2020 02:13

    India is a wonderful and beautiful place ..but..hygiene is the only problem...

  • Juyah G.
    05/03/2020 22:23

    The mother earth needs rest too.

  • Hemant P.
    05/03/2020 12:53

    Now nobody should be allowed to flow diyas or flowers, bathing or flow deadbodies or anything damn in "Pure Ganga River". In hindu religion we called Ganga River as Mother. How the zahil peoples of our society spoil beautiful Ganga River. Strict law should be imposed for violaters. Since govt. Is active to clean the river by many plans but no plans succeeded. Self healing made it very clean.

  • Sampad M.
    05/03/2020 10:58

    Better to get rid of religious activities which dump flowers oil etc in the river. Unfortunately once the economy opens up what will you do to the industrial waste , you cannot shut down industries!!!

  • Santosh B.
    05/03/2020 04:46

    Just because of our Hon. PM Modi Har Har Gange

  • Vijay V.
    05/02/2020 16:47

    Please don't let any flower, garlands and anything else of that sort be allowed to be thrown into the river...some strict rules in place is a must! A dedicated budget could not heal the river for so many years, now when it has of its own, let her remain clean.Don't allow any factories or industries's waste to disperse without treatment to required standard, if don't follow file a criminal case against such factories or industries and lockdown to such factories.

  • Raji P.
    05/02/2020 05:39


  • Ramya P.
    04/30/2020 06:03

    Thy shdn stop pooja archna and othr customs in river

  • Rosie W.
    04/29/2020 14:07

    When they go back into the water to bathe hundreds ov them will kick up the silt and the water will be dirty again

  • Ronney S.
    04/28/2020 16:14

    Don’t worry I. Few weeks time. All will wash their Convids and mess it up again. Makes me happy to see her clean and happy but I know and we all know. It will b the same I. Few weeks or months.