Major rescue ops conducted in Indian history

Kuwait... Yemen... Libya... Ukraine. These were some of India's biggest evacuation missions... 🛫

03/03/2022 6:19 PMupdated: 04/03/2022 6:09 AM
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  • Mu'hammed A.
    02/04/2022 15:41

    any indian hear from libya

  • Sangeetha M.
    08/03/2022 16:19

    I just hate his speach, he is in advertisement, he is always promoting himself

  • Hayat A.
    08/03/2022 03:22

    Indian upcoming movie "mission Ganga "

  • Manoranjan M.
    08/03/2022 01:42

    Indians are every where in world are working for their countries, India's neutral stand is helping them to come out at war

  • Tejas S.
    07/03/2022 18:22

    Haha reactors have similar names

  • Hrutika B.
    07/03/2022 06:48

    After them it will be Georgia.... Or may be not they always forget that we even exist 😹

  • Izaz R.
    06/03/2022 15:55

    I dont know y mr Modi words seems unbelievable ,y people call him feku

  • Gaurav T.
    06/03/2022 14:17

    Lot of 🐷 are laughing on this post

  • Nitish D.
    06/03/2022 13:28

    Proud of the fact that my father Ambassador Harish Dogra served as Joint Secretary, Special Coordination Unit for Gulf Evacuation at MEA in 1990. His role is played by Kumud Mishra in the Hindi Blockbuster Airlift. The truth is even more exciting.

  • Syed K.
    06/03/2022 09:51

    Jaldi se akshey kumar ki film bana do

  • Ray H.
    06/03/2022 09:31

    you missed the superman stunt by Adani-Ambani's unofficial p!mp during 2013 Uttarakhand flood. 80 Toyota Innova and 25 luxury buses were used to evacuate 15,000 gujrati Pilgrims.

  • Rajasri S.
    06/03/2022 03:19


  • Neelanjana R.
    05/03/2022 23:25

    Bhakts right now.

  • Manpreet K.
    05/03/2022 20:33

    Vande bharat mission lol it was just to make alot of money the tickets cost way high i think air india would have made really good money

  • Irfaan M.
    05/03/2022 13:28

    Jhut bolo jhut bolo aur jhut bolo

  • Kapil S.
    05/03/2022 11:32

    Shut up. Stupid Bangali you know nothing

  • Minal K.
    05/03/2022 11:01

    Brut ko kharid liya kya modi ne😂😂

  • Mohsin A.
    05/03/2022 07:10

    You can Do even better than this. Save nearly 2 billion people including India and neighbouring countries just by getting rid of Modi. The worst PM India has ever had in my views.

  • Mangal S.
    05/03/2022 06:56

    Biopic banegi iss par bollywood chhodegi nhi 😆

  • Ravindra V.
    05/03/2022 05:05

    Its clear our citizen were evacuated before also in casr of war Yeah these missions are appericiate by any ruling govt

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