Mandira Bedi Has No Time For Trolls

She was trolled for everything from her noodle straps to cricketing knowledge and even life choices. But Mandira Bedi has always held her head high up through all the hate...

08/07/2021 12:54 PM
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  • Namrata G.
    a day

    live how u like to , log harr baat me nuks nikalenge. ignore the narrow minds

  • Ankita S.
    2 days

    She is an ideal 💞 And for trollers, I have only one thing to say 'get some life idiots'!!

  • Rama N.
    2 days


  • Revathi G.
    2 days

    In 90s she did a shanthi role on doordhasan that time such a male domination she'll survive all the criticism every womens dress only says his character this is not good and i really salute to all the media women's u r always strong and bold

  • Samresh K.
    3 days

    Idiots are idiots.

  • Harshita S.
    3 days

    She is beautiful, talented, intelligent woman. Such woman not get criticized by society, impossible. But she shruggs off and move forward.

  • Preeti R.
    3 days

    Weird for some as she doesn’t follow trends of having to fit in a box. Brave and bold being.

  • Anila N.
    3 days

    People says and go such talented people only ignore them .

  • Shweta D.
    3 days

    She is amazing women!!!

  • Vidhi M.
    4 days

    She lost her husband, her lifelong partner and the father of her children!! And people can't stop talking about her weirdness or her attires. Its more a reflection of you than mandira. No decency left these days 🙄

  • Ritu S.
    4 days

    Bravo Mandira, for always forging your own path. It's the 'tall poppy' syndrome that attracts trollers. Never be defined by their opinions. Stay who you are: strong to the core, literally, a believer in your self and your values. Love your smile❤️

  • Ruma C.
    4 days

    She did what she thought was right, the way it felt right. What does society have to say? Whatever, who cares? Respect her for having conviction in her own thoughts and actions. The brouhaha is by people lacking both.

  • Swaty S.
    4 days

    Only problem is rituals are broken in Hinduism nd it's a fashion

  • Ebtesam M.
    4 days

    Love her

  • John T.
    5 days

    Most of d Trolls r generally sponsored & initiated by d Hate Brigade under Political patronage...... 👍

  • Nikit G.
    5 days

    All women should be like her todo what they feel right

  • Rahul N.
    5 days

    You are an inspiration for all Indian women

  • Sugandha B.
    6 days

    People are crazy people just know how to troll . They don't know what they r doing

  • Iddtima S.
    6 days

    Logo ka kaam nahi hai...bas dusro par tika tippani karte rahte hai...arey Keene bhi do shanti se dusro ko

  • A V.
    6 days

    No one says that only media does. People are too sensitive for all these minimal stuffs. People can tolerate bullywood druggie Mafias compared to this. My heart goes out to Madira. She is a very strong woman. Stay blessed.