Meet Riyan Parag: The Assam Cricketer

The father, a former Ranji player, dreamt of playing for India. But it’s the son, buoyed by a new IPL contract, who is determined to make that dream come true. Meet Riyan Parag, Assam’s rising cricket star. 🏏👪

03/04/2019 11:05 AMupdated: 03/05/2019 6:22 PM
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  • Nishi T.
    03/04/2019 11:10

    God bless u boy.....go ahead

  • Sohayl A.
    03/04/2019 11:13

    All the best. Im the first to cheer you up. Riyaaaan !!! Riyaaaan !!!

  • Apurba K.
    03/04/2019 11:21

    Great news that a young guy from ASSAM is getting scope to play in IPL in Rajhasthan Team. It is great to know that Riyan Parag is trying to fulfil the dream of his father. Go ahead with determination to achieve the goals in your life. God and goddesses bless you to achieve the success.

  • Iftiazur R.
    03/04/2019 11:32

    bhai kuti pahunchi gail.

  • Bitupan D.
    03/04/2019 11:40

    Nibir Deka

  • Ranabir P.
    03/04/2019 13:11

    Kudos, waiting for you to see you in the coming IPL and then the India 11

  • Tejas L.
    03/04/2019 13:20

    tera video kab aayega aisa?

  • Owais K.
    03/04/2019 13:54

    what are you doing only eating chop

  • Arnab T.
    03/04/2019 14:07

    Highly talented chap from Assam.. hope he works very hard to reach the highest level... All the best to the cricketer..!!

  • Lohith J.
    03/06/2019 13:39

    Kushal Buddappa

  • Brut India
    03/06/2019 15:23

    Of course, Parag has plenty of Assamese athletes to look up to.

  • Dibya J.
    03/07/2019 18:16

    All the best

  • Luhit C.
    03/08/2019 17:24

    Waiting for IPL blast n best of luck. I have seen him very early of his cricketing life and I know you have something extraordinary

  • Banibrata D.
    03/08/2019 22:21

    Pride of Assam We people of Assam are proud of you

  • Partha J.
    03/09/2019 05:14

    All the best

  • Bablu D.
    03/09/2019 07:45

    All the best assam

  • Debajit M.
    03/09/2019 12:56

    Wish you all the very best R P . Good luck

  • Imran H.
    03/09/2019 13:55

    Best of luck

  • Jiarul H.
    03/09/2019 16:57

    Best of luck

  • Gyanjyoti D.
    03/09/2019 18:04

    Congratulations n best of luck Riyan