• Kiran R.
    29/12/2019 09:14

    Hello Mr, Gujjus eat this in their morning breakfast or in meals as moong chilla without using any soda. 🙄🥴 Please stop spreading as you have invented this in 2011. We gujjus have been enjoying this delicacy since human civilized in Gujarat ... 😂

  • Adelina P.
    28/12/2019 18:23

    I bet that butter is not vegan and I bet his hands aren't clean. no thank you !

  • Dheeraj S.
    28/12/2019 10:40

    Esi khana chaiye apun ko 😋 Pta nhi kaha kaha tag karte rehte ho 😠

  • Sheleph C.
    27/12/2019 13:06

    100 150 vars pa6i badha argument karta hase k egg na hoy to b omelette j kvay..omelette egg ni j hoy evu jaruri nathi.. restaurants ma b "1 egg omelette" evu kvu padse😂😂😂

  • Shashwat P.
    27/12/2019 11:33

    isko bhi hamare tour list mai daal lo 😀

  • Debbie B.
    27/12/2019 09:08


  • Pankaj S.
    27/12/2019 09:04

    Bilkul abhi yhi dekh raha tha🤣 food Ranger channel pr

  • Ambar B.
    27/12/2019 08:58

    Brut India kya India ke bahar se aaya hai kya? Chila bolte hai ise. Pata laga kal ko paan ka video banao aur use bolo betelnut sandwich khao..

  • Adison D.
    27/12/2019 08:56

    Bhai yeh bachpan me bht Khaya Kolkata me milta he don't do marketing here

  • Shruti S.
    27/12/2019 08:41

    Oh bhai...thats cheela/ chilla....very common breakfast dish of north indians.. Moonglet👺

  • Nishant S.
    27/12/2019 08:35

    Shipra Sinha chila khila raha hai

  • Tafzil N.
    27/12/2019 08:29

    it's the same as veg briyani.. it doesn't exist

  • Aaditya A.
    27/12/2019 08:26

    Moong daal chilla hai yeh.. Gharo mai banta hai...

  • Sara K.
    27/12/2019 08:17

    Naam badalne ka trend ho gaya hai..This is the Chilla..simple..😝

  • Arogya R.
    27/12/2019 08:00

    The egg means omelette but gram flour is not omelette say it veg dosa.

  • Amit T.
    27/12/2019 07:51

    bachpan se moongdaal ka chilla kha raha hai, Kolkata me roadside stalls pe milta hai and they are showing it as an invention and a new thing. This is called marketing.

  • Vishwadeep M.
    27/12/2019 07:42


  • Rachit S.
    27/12/2019 07:39

    Idiotas BRUTiyas, its a common indian household dish called चीला chila. Made of Besan and other Flours. Ask your 'reporters' to do some research. 😅

  • Swapnil G.
    27/12/2019 07:13

    If dude selling it to even 50 people a day @100 he's earning ₹5000/day so 1,50,000 a month ...taking out material and helper expenses of ₹60,000 he is still around ₹90,000/month ..even taking losses further ₹40,000 amount of ₹50,000 a month is still great.Damn a road side food vendor is earning more than a fresher graduate or a Post graduate.Damn 😂

  • Victor C.
    27/12/2019 07:11


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