Meet The Other SRK

From being mobbed by fans outside Mannat to having a selfie-hungry crowd tear apart his T-shirt, Shah Rukh Khan’s doppelgänger is discovering what it means to be SRK… and how!

09/06/2021 6:12 PM
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  • Jaffer B.
    3 hours

    tmhary liye dhoonda ha ye SRK. Tm isk b fan hojao ab

  • Log O.
    4 hours

    Aag Laga di aag,,, tum mumbaii aarahe ho

  • Fawzan A.
    5 hours

    apna bhi kaam nahi hai na?😂🥵

  • Jannat E.
    5 hours

    Original er shathe dekha krte na parle duplicate er kase chole jaish😉😆🤣

  • Asad A.
    6 hours


  • Richa R.
    6 hours

    Annoying prick!

  • Fatima F.
    6 hours


  • Annie D.
    6 hours

    Does look alike but the way he talks doesn't match at all...I was nicely watching with wow..but when he opened his mouth there it cracked 😆

  • Kawser U.
    6 hours

    Ok now i understand why srk's recent those films are flop🤣 Just many people are mimicking SRK..

  • Rahbar A.
    7 hours

    when you order SRK from Daraz.

  • Akram K.
    7 hours

    That is called as "Sasta Sharukh khan" 😅

  • Asif F.
    7 hours


  • Kashif A.
    7 hours

    Tera hair cute ha yar

  • Doniel J.
    7 hours

    When Khan 4K is in 360p Qadri 😭🤣

  • Sukhbir S.
    8 hours

    emo bois vaale shahrukh ka bhai hai yeh 🤣☻

  • Kashif H.
    8 hours

    Shahrukh's Father not coming slow..

  • Saddam S.
    8 hours

    daikh memon shahrukh khan

  • Hammad H.
    9 hours


  • Aniha A.
    9 hours

    SRK ki awaz ka opposite hai + no dimples but he lookalike SRK 80%

  • Fahad H.
    9 hours

    Oh My God