Modi On How Social Media Changed Him

The Wall Street Journal has accused Facebook of ignoring hate speech by a BJP leader and three other pro-Hindutva figures to protect its interests in India. Back in 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was speaking to the Facebook CEO about social media's impact on his life. Excerpts…

18/08/2020 11:08 AMupdated: 18/08/2020 12:56 PM
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  • Rishab K.
    18/08/2020 05:46

    Do you know what a trash bin looks like ? No ! Just look a Narendra Modi.😂

  • jatin prabhakar
    18/08/2020 05:24

    So our PM has acquires most of his knowledge through social media. Cry my motherland cry

  • Anjee R.
    18/08/2020 05:18

    First man to have a translator for English language, shame shame puppy shame

  • Bharat W.
    18/08/2020 04:51

    After reading all comments in this can our PM be narendra modi....kuch toh gadbad hai daya

  • Kalpesh F.
    18/08/2020 04:51

    Acchi Quality ka bakwass

  • YuvRaj
    18/08/2020 04:31

    Why is there narration over this just keep the damn subtitles on

  • Prabhjot K.
    18/08/2020 04:28

    I dont feel interesting...

  • Anupam D.
    18/08/2020 04:04

    want to know your views regarding this...

  • Swati P.
    18/08/2020 03:57

    PM Modiji is a person who can lie about anything, anytime without any kind of shame. Such shameless, currupt leaders can do nothing but play dirty politics and spreading toxic hindutva. Still people worship those pathetic leaders and lick their ass 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Aniyan J.
    18/08/2020 03:57

    People who watch only Republic will never like this

  • Vidya S.
    18/08/2020 03:39

    India should make own Facebook like app like china. Twitter too.

  • Niyaz A.
    18/08/2020 03:20

    Why is he calling himself as not very educated while he has a master's degree in entire political science. Also he accepts that he gets his knowledge from social media. You know the authentic sources like Facebook and WhatsApp.

  • Abdul M.
    18/08/2020 03:17

    He is begest criminal minds person RSS BJP users modi ji ki mon ki bat sono ji sono ji sono ji sono ji Rafael ah gaya ha and Kashmir azad ho gaya ha and Kashmir free ho gaya ha jumla bazi karray amitsha and rajnat and modi and lies person

  • Jemmy J.
    18/08/2020 02:59

    Kaalu raam ka khul gaya pol... Beech bazar ya phat gaya dhool...a gaana aaj yaad aaraha hai...

  • Jaideep P.
    18/08/2020 01:50

    Modi s s classic double peak n fraud on India! Not fulfilled even one promise!

  • Lanthui G.
    18/08/2020 01:40

    But ur good governance never came

  • R C.
    18/08/2020 01:33

    Another gimik by brut it not vise versa..

  • Priscilla E.
    18/08/2020 01:14

    What change did he do to himself to communicate effectively to the entire population in India. He did not study college and is not ready to change but want others to change. His understanding to media is poor ..

  • Abdul M.
    18/08/2020 01:04

    He is begest criminal minds person RSS BJP person is begest lies and lies and lies person and thug person and killer and cheating person and Hinduism

  • Shaikh R.
    18/08/2020 00:47

    Wow He wishes a Chinese PM birthday. Desh bhakt dekho???

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