Modi On How Social Media Changed Him

The Wall Street Journal has accused Facebook of ignoring hate speech by a BJP leader and three other pro-Hindutva figures to protect its interests in India. Back in 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was speaking to the Facebook CEO about social media's impact on his life. Excerpts…

18/08/2020 11:08 AMupdated: 18/08/2020 12:56 PM
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  • حميد ص.
    27/08/2020 04:23

    Yahi batan karke ch******ya banara india ku abtak, haramkhor

  • Mazharuddin S.
    25/08/2020 15:07

    you are a public leader not only you but every public leader which is been elected from any party should speak directly to the public as you people do canvassing before election

  • Mazharuddin S.
    25/08/2020 15:03

    Sir how many press conference have you done have you ever faced any direct question from the public we have seen some interview with true journalist you could not speak word and you said dosti bani rahe

  • Nandakishore N.
    25/08/2020 12:47

    Bhaiah Zuckerberg! He doesn't understand a word of English.

  • Nandakishore N.
    25/08/2020 12:46


  • Mohammad S.
    25/08/2020 06:53

    Cambridge Analytica wants to know your location...

  • Ketan K.
    25/08/2020 03:20

    3.4 k likes 1.6k dislikes matlab samaj rahe ho na? Mughals ,gazwa.... ??

  • Baldeep S.
    25/08/2020 01:44

    In this interview also ,PM Modi admits that he is not much educated. Doesn’t it prove that his PG degree of M.A. in Entire Pol. Science is fake ? He is really an “intellectual “.....!

  • Rahul V.
    25/08/2020 01:20

    Our Modiji has the guts to agree that he is doing governance through social media. Show us any other PM who had guts to say this ?? GDP, Unemployment, Govt companies getting sold to Ambanis and adanis, these are the accusations of Congress but is any leader having more followers than Modiji ?? Don't say Sunny Leone

  • Umar M.
    24/08/2020 13:07


  • Mohammad Z.
    24/08/2020 12:26

    He is lier of the century chaiwala who said that he beg for 35 years when he was 42 so he started begging when he was 7. He is the butcher of gujrat.

  • Zulqar N.
    24/08/2020 11:14

    Is social media reduces the burdon of unemployement,caste and religion exploitation? Then the real time analysis only became gain for the diplomacy only BY the blinded scholars of the SOCIAL MEDIA.

  • Navneet M.
    24/08/2020 09:25

    Jab tum fakte ho

  • Irshad B.
    24/08/2020 04:54

    This is faku

  • Vamshi K.
    24/08/2020 04:18

    Social media came into being after this idiot became the CM of gujrat.....another blatant lie from a chronic and parhetic lier.....just like using digital cam and email in 1989....🤣🤣🤣

  • Doer K.
    24/08/2020 02:39

    Sab to khareed let hai bjp , abb to court main baithe judge v kathputli lgte hai, jis hisab se decisions aa rhe hai court ke

  • Doer K.
    24/08/2020 02:33

    And amit shaw is showing his desgress, while on many platforms he said i m not that educated😂😂😂

  • عمر ا.
    23/08/2020 20:13

    Jhoot is secret of my energy

  • Himanshu S.
    23/08/2020 19:36


  • Shaan S.
    23/08/2020 19:29

    He met up with the Chinese premier in South India and a few months later the have war at the border and soldiers die what kind of clowns are these?

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