No Eggs, No Sugar...But These Desserts Are Celeb Favourites

These gorgeous desserts are a B-town favourite. But they're not your average sugary delights... 😲

11/06/2021 12:11 PM
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  • Sneha S.
    03/07/2021 16:23

    Puneet Shrma

  • Michelle M.
    24/06/2021 14:03

    aneke try koribi sun

  • মৌলি গ.
    22/06/2021 19:13

    Lmfao, as if there's much difference between Jaggery and sugar. These half-knowledgeable celebs will be the death of mankind one day. 😕

  • Asma J.
    20/06/2021 19:09

    .... is beautiful ❤️ Has a resemblance to Sachin Tendulkar's wife 😊

  • Vijaya S.
    18/06/2021 08:09

    take ur talent to another level with time 😀😀

  • Aisha P.
    14/06/2021 19:33

    Don't do this

  • Chandana A.
    14/06/2021 15:01

    check this out …

  • Janu P.
    14/06/2021 08:29

    So true..I started baking since the pandemic last year, and most of the cakes adds in sugar like 200 grams in 1 cake..and if adding the frosting, that's a lot f sugar.then I did replaced some with less sugar and added jaggery. It still taste nice. And I opted for orange or lemon and fruits cake which is healthier even ragi cakes. Almond or ragi flour is healthier but very less demands in my area...they still prefer high rich saturated butter cakes.

  • Sheetal D.
    13/06/2021 19:08


  • রাহুল ঘ.
    13/06/2021 17:35


  • Mohona D.
    13/06/2021 17:12

    erom cake bana healthy cake 😍

  • Mominur N.
    13/06/2021 16:24

    Congratulations Maam to everyone

  • Bidisha D.
    13/06/2021 10:57

    people needs to know about you too!!!

  • Rakib M.
    13/06/2021 08:01

    i wish people made things sugar free instead of gluten free.since sugar is more addictive and legitimately harmful

  • Imtiaz W.
    13/06/2021 07:53

    appu, khaba?

  • Shilpi G.
    13/06/2021 03:34

    Well the choice of ingredients are personal, but let's also clear the notion of, what is the difference between the calorie intake of these cakes vs any other normal cake baked at home. There's absolutely no debate about using fresh ingredients, but when it comes to cheat meals, does it really matter if the cake is ragi or maida based. And how on earth, vegan ingredients are a " better choice", that's again personal. Let's normalise the fact that, anything within our calorie intake for a day, fulfilling the required nutrients to function ( protein/carbs/fats/etc.) is a better, normal, healthy and a personal choice.

  • Snoopi N.
    12/06/2021 19:34

    Means kya trend follow karne se 1000 saal tak jinda rahenge kya…. Our parents and grand parents generation binged on normal food and still living their life… 😒😒😒😒 vegan ho jaane se kya organs change ho jate hai ??

  • Sarbotrika S.
    12/06/2021 19:32

    eta ja parche healthy bole dabi korche.

  • Swati S.
    12/06/2021 17:13

    This is something of my type 👆

  • Payal G.
    12/06/2021 14:10

    Keya Sen

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