• Dibya C.
    19/04/2020 05:47

    Stay safe stay well wherever you are!

  • Bani D.
    18/04/2020 21:26

    In this situation also he was looked after, and he is thankful for that. There is no need to stretch the point.

  • Tarun P.
    16/04/2020 13:11

    check it

  • Sumit G.
    15/04/2020 13:30

    , you should have highlighted the positive act of Silchir police instead of that gloomy description.

  • Tucker H.
    15/04/2020 01:24

    go back home and stop complaining. World tour is OVER.

  • Tulika S.
    14/04/2020 10:02

    I’m glad you got help.

  • Alexander K.
    08/04/2020 19:40

    He should have been in Kerala.. people would have taken care of him..

  • Suraj V.
    06/04/2020 22:05

    Why u stupid roaming around the world during this pandemic situation.

  • Clifford D.
    06/04/2020 07:33

    Thanks for police force. Salute

  • Zico B.
    06/04/2020 06:52

    Ratul Rij Baruah invite him to your place

  • Babusing T.
    03/04/2020 11:56


  • Ravikumar R.
    30/03/2020 14:38

    Finally one thing is sure I.e there is light at the end tunnel. Some one came forward to help him

  • विनय भ.
    30/03/2020 12:45

    Not because you are foreigner... They are even denies permission to interstate and interdistrict travelers...calm down cause people are not calm.. ofcourse they are scared... Good to know you are fine

  • Debabrata D.
    29/03/2020 13:23

    Thanks to silchar police

  • Minha A.
    27/03/2020 11:36

    Great sir ..thanks police

  • Kerry S.
    27/03/2020 11:05

    Shock!! Not because they are not giving place to stay ... but because You travel at this time... Y?????

  • Tony R.
    26/03/2020 04:49

    Hard times brother.

  • Naginder J.
    25/03/2020 21:22

    Nothing wrong in that in current situation. He should have gone to authority first and prove his travel history and get clear his position before knocking on doors and getting denied for accommodation. Everywhere in world this happening so don't take this small silly incidence seriously like Brut trying to show. Leftist and anti India channel

  • Debanjana S.
    23/03/2020 12:23

    You are here at the wrong time...Everyone is scared of the huge no. of deaths. Many foreigners came infected with Corona Virus so u should have stayed home without traveling at this time.

  • Ambujh K.
    22/03/2020 21:06

    If you plan to visit Delhi, my home's here to welcome you

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